Top 10 favorite animals in French

Does the animal you love a little live under your roof? Under savannah ? In the depths of the sea? Among the favorites of the French population, not surprisingly, are species disciples and above all, many representatives of the fauna wild. Top 10 favorite animals in France.

1 – The dog

Dog owners know what gold is with a dog. Loyal, devoted, funny, master… the dog is sometimes a happy companion, sometimes a ball of tenderness. He does not judge people’s bodies or their character, he loves his master unconditional. His presence is soothing and creates social relationships. As a reminder, animal husbandry goes back more than that 35000 years, during the Paleolithic, in a region that is now Siberia. The hunters and the wolf (ancestor of the dog) share many points FREQUENTLY whose sociality, residence and rally. The dog’s first use is to make him find and catch the game and sometimes, so he can keep the CAMP. Thus begins the story between the dog and the man.

2 – The cat

With 15 million cats in its territory, the France is the country with the largest cat population Europe. You need to know that cat grooming will coincide with arrivalAgriculture, more than 9000 years ago. At that time, the bountiful harvest attracted many rats and other rats. By chasing pests that attack plants, the felid quickly becomes a friend of man. His valuable help enabled him to be welcomed into the attic of the villagers and then into their dwellings. Ancient Egyptian civilization respected cats, regardless of social class, farmers as the most powerful. Today, man provides shelter and food for the cat that attracts it release and its soothing effect.

3 – The horse

The horse is one of the animals most loved by the French, but also the most represented in art. The paintings cave shows interest that the horse has always been used by man, even before him raising about 5000 years ago. By its body and by its nature, the remarkable mammal has been around for millennia SYMBOLIC strong in many civilizations: power, wealth, freedom, femininity, sexuality, speed, spirituality, beauty … Long used for woodsthe horse also made his contribution toagriculture where it replaced cattle and some factories for handling cargoes heavy or the hauling of barges. If the herbivore has always also served as a means of transportation, its role utility now it is over. The horse is now synonymous with sport and entertainment.

4 – The dolphin

The marine mammal owes it popularity (French and worldwide) in its many qualities. In addition to her beautiful face marked by a to smile unchanging, the dolphin exhibits traits close to humans, such as curiosity and elitist. These social animals are always active in schools and want to play with each other, no matter their age. Known for its kindness and tenderness, the dolphin also has one intelligence highly developed, because of a BRAINS similar to homo sapiens. Like many monkeysthe cetacean organ is more proportional wholesale in relation to the basic bodily functions it requires. Equipped with essential capabilities THINKINGthe dolphin is so attracted to the human voice that it is able to weave and weave very close ties.

5 – The squirrel

A subtle wind, red feathers and a beautiful tail feathers make this mouse friendly in the eyes of everyone, including the French. Because always the seethe is the goal of goodness, like those women, of Ancient Rome, owns tame squirrels as pets. In his Natural History of Quadrupeds, the Count of buffon awakens the squirrel as “a beautiful little beast that is only half in the wild and that, by his goodness, by his obedience, by the innocence of his morals worthy of being saved …” is often represented by a hazelnut in the legs, the mammal also values ​​the tender branches, the buds, the skins young shoots, berries and fruits of the forest. His habit of hiding his food in the ground plays a role favorable for, by forgetting the location of his hideouts, the squirrel has contributed to the transformation of the forest.

6 – The Rabbit

The European wild rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus is a flowering plant species) is the only species that survives because, say, more associate with than its congeners. from SOUTH in France and the Iberian Peninsula, the lagomorph was first bred in large outdoor enclosures for it MEAT and his feathers. In the 1950s, the appearance of myxomatosis – a deadly viral disease – changed dramatically. legislature public consumption. Because of its good nature, its soft fur and its amusing boils, the rabbit has become very popular as an animal. house. Today, about sixty breeds have been officially identified out of more than 150 in total. The French Rabbit Breeding Federation classifies them as 5 categories : small, medium and large breeds, as well as dwarf and furry breeds. The largest species of rabbit (Giant of Flanders) can weigh up to 5 kilos while the dwarf rabbit such as polish was weighs about 1 kilo.

7 – The female

Smaller than male and no drinkingthe female deer has a special place in the public heart since the cartoon waltz disney released in 1942. Remember youngthe adorable little girl whose mother died from the beatings of gun hunters. The tragic fate of the deer has touched audiences around the world and there is no doubt that this fiction has evoked a special tenderness for the deer. You have to know that, to protect her baby, this mother PROTECTS do not hesitate to charge an invader or make a diversion to keep him away from his children. The grace and beauty of the beast can be seen in the sweet nicknames exchanged between the lovers: “my doe”, “my little girl” or even “my doe”.

8 – The Tiger

The tiger has a very muscular front shoulder, strong jaws and teeth, up to 3 m in height and weighs up to 260 kg. Its strength and impressive size make it the largest and strongest of all cats. This fearsome carnivore is easily recognizable by its beautiful orange coat with a black stripe. You should know that each specimen has unique streaks that can be compared to our fingerprints. Even if living far away from us – in the forests and grasslands of South and East Asia – the tiger has attracted the French to the point of counting their favorite animals.

9 – The panda

His two -tone fur (black and white) and his famous sputum inevitably evoke sympathy. The giant panda lives only in the center of Chinain mountainous regions and forests located between 1,800 and 3,400 m above sea level where its thickness feathers protects it from the cold. With its 42 strong teeth, the herbivore is easily crushed bamboos, his cute sin. The panda was chosen as emblems national of China where it symbolizes PEACE and trust. Things to know: The giant panda has three jobs in life: sleeping, eating and being alone! Multiplication is not one of its priorities. Whether in captivity or in the wild, rent is one thing challenge for that animal that usually doesn’t like or doesn’t know how to do it …

10 – The lion

Many civilizations sanctify the lion, the form of strength, majesty and beauty. the worship in ancient Egypt for wild animals can also be found in Sphinx, a famous creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human. Second largest cat in the world after tigerthe mammal is distinguished by its coat of sand or black ocher color and above all, by its thick and vigorous mane. A little lazy and despite a body cut off for hunting, the lion remained useless most of the day. Usually, he will allow the lion to return the prey but help himself first. It is well known that the king of beasts took the lion’s share!

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