Three questions by Mirion Malle (“Goodbye love”)

After many notices It’s like I’m going to disappear (2020), which narrates depression with precision and delicacy, Mirion Malle returns with goodbye sad love, a gentle story of liberation. See you.

This is the story of a young woman who realizes that her partner has traumatized another woman. She didn’t know anything about him, so she wondered if she knew him. She was trying to sort out her emotions about it, to understand how she was feeling, how she was handling it.

But, usually, I really want to write a book that talks about different group dynamics. This is a two -part book, in which there are two different group dynamics: one negative and one positive. Because what interests me the most is the group, the social relationship. It is also a book about taking care of yourself and choosing yourself. And in fact choosing, precisely, which group we want, which group we want to exist.

You criticize the half -words, of goodbye sad love, the machismo that still reigns in the comics world. You’re also part of the Collective of comic strip creators against sexism, and you recently returned from the Angoulême festival – strongly criticized in 2016 for the sexism of its selectors. Do you feel that things have changed since 2016?

Yes, I think there is a collective – a group, exactly! – it allows the end to have a kind of scope: there are changes. In addition, this year, three authors were nominated, and Julie Doucet won the Grand Prix – while for the first time the Collective was considered, no woman was put in the selection.

It’s funny, because we have to talk about it between the authors, and I can be a little pessimistic, but I’ll admit that finding myself in this environment reminds me exactly of this power dynamics that I trying to myself. — even to evacuate from my life. I don’t know if men look at us differently, if boy clubs real change. On the other hand, I have the impression that they are getting smaller and smaller. There are more and more female writers, and it’s even harder to pretend they don’t.

I’ve been in this business for ten years, and for ten years, there have been new names, but there are also always the same ones coming back: sometimes, it’s a little hopeless. After all, when you make a fiction book if you’re a girl, I have the impression that everyone thinks it’s autobiographical. My last book, everyone told me it was an autobiography, if it was fiction.

on goodbye sad love, it’s about breaks and changes. You tell yourself it’s a spring book, when It’s like I’m going to disappear (2020) a winter book. But it was also a book of his time, about leaving town, leaving painful relationships, returning to a simpler life. Did pandemic play a role in shaping this story?

Yes, obviously! In the lesbian community, or in the bizarre community in general, there is always this dream. “go to the countryside to find the little community between us” – little in the footsteps of separatist communities in the 1970s. It’s always a bit of a fantasy too, to find oneself in this group, to find oneself among oneself. Years ago we said with my friends that it would be great to get not too far from town, but in the countryside, in nature, to make our little vegetable garden, have animals, draw a photos and make.

I really believe the pandemic has an impact, because I started writing this book in August 2020. Like many people, the pandemic really cut me off from any inspiration – I feel like I don’t know what to do anymore . I think there is a desire to find something slower, and at the same time accessible. Cléo (the star ofgoodbye sad loveeditor’s note) doesn’t live in a big building in the middle of town, it’s pretty export, in the open air, with plenty of air spray to avoid Covid. I also chose not to put masks on my book. I admit I was hesitant, but I thought it was possible to allow yourself to imagine a time without masks. But of course there is a bit of this stuff… I come from a very small town and I only had one dream at the time: to go to a big town. Now that I live in the big city, I can tell myself that the trees are even better!

goodbye sad love, by Mirion Malle. In bookstores since 1er April 2022.

goodbye sad love, by Mirion Malle, The City Burns, 224 p., € 20. In bookstores since 1er April 2022.

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