Louis Bertignac talks about his relationship with Carla Bruni when he was a minor, revelations

Hard to imagine, but Louis Bertignac will soon be blowing up his 70th birthday! For the occasion, he decided to release an autobiography called nice little story. In this book, he recounts his career and the unique moments of his life. So, he talks about his music career, but also sentimental. In fact, he lives a love story with Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, Carla Bruni. We told you!

Louis Bertignac and Carla Bruni, a love story of youth

At age 68, we can say that Louis Bertignac is a great legend of French rock. The actor wants to write all the events of his life on paper. Fans will be able to discover all the anecdotes of his professional and also personal life, for the greatest pleasure. The title of his autobiography is beautiful. nice little story. Of course, he will discuss the arrival of group success phone where he played and sang with his friend from a young age: Jean-Louis Aubert.

Louis Bertignac in a relationship with his group in his youth

Aside from indulging in his artistic career, Louis Bertignac also wants to talk about his emotional stories, especially with Carla Bruni. In fact, the two music lovers had a relationship when the wife of the former President of the Republic was still a minor. At the time, he was unknown to the public and a complete fan of the group.

In an interview with our colleagues from Entertainment TVLouis Bertignac explains the following: In the first year, I didn’t consider her a bride, more than a small group.“. However, as the months passed, their relationship became closer. In the end, they have so many differences and the separation is inevitable for the singer: ” I’m not comfortable around him, maybe I’m a priori of the rich. And then he was so young, I saw myself fall back into childhood, I didn’t like it.

The song, their common passion

As you know, later, Carla Bruni will be a model and singer. He and Louis Bertignac will remain good friends despite everything. Also, when the pretty brunette decided to get into music, she even helped him. In fact, the rocker works on his songs and arranges the melodies. Louis Bertignac would even admit that he understood his relationship with the former President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy.

In fact, here is what he meant: Granted he wasn’t musical, but I could understand what attracted him. He was so careful, that neither I, nor Jagger, was any worse than me “, he admitted. Carla Bruni loves singers and rockers, to say the least, because she’s also dating Mick Jagger. In any case, she radically changed sides by marrying a politician. It seemed to fit him, because the couple were still together and they had a little girl named Giulia.

Louis Bertignac was the proud father of three children

After his breakup with Carla Bruni, Louis Bertignac found love again in the arms of Julie Delafosse. Together, the couple has two princesses. The eldest, Lola who is now 18 and Lili who is 14 years old. By now, he is married to his wife Laëtitia who is the mother of his child, Jack who is just 5 years old.

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