“I ask for self -esteem, pride, pride in everyone”

Almost excluded from the race for Europe due to a dangerous comeback from the ceasefire with only two points taken from a possible twelve in April, LOSC will first seek redemption to its supporters. but also to himself during the reception from Strasbourg, tomorrow afternoon. Interview with Jocelyn Gourvennec.

How have you coped with the difficult LOSC situation in recent weeks?

We were in a difficult time period because things were not running smoothly. It was very painful to lose two consecutive games, especially as it was in the end after the derby, for impossible purposes, in a game we controlled despite everything. It’s hard. Our job is to get up, come back and obviously we want to break this bad patch. If so, there are no 36 solutions. We have to be very united. The president is talking about unity, we need to show unity. At a time like that, we have to look for the lighter, no longer in the calculation because watching the classification after each game can hurt the skull. We have to get out of it. The challenge now is to win a game. To win back, we all have to do a little more to make us stronger together again. We’ve been very good collectively for a long time even if we didn’t win at all. This lasted until the Nantes game. Slightly seized, pathetic, especially nowadays but to find the virtues, you have to give back the effort, the self-sacrifice. If everyone does it, the team will recover the thickness. This is an important key and you have to get there to win a game.

The atmosphere became more and more hostile to the supporters…

It’s always like that if the result is small, especially in the derby that crystallizes a lot of disappointment and we understand, of course. The best way to come back is also to show respect for the game, the club, our supporters but also ourselves. We are not happy to be in this situation with inadequate consequences. We had a bumpy time, especially in the league, and every time we had bad performances, we were disappointed, we wanted to give more, we had to give more and in order to do that, I repeat, I ask for self- esteem, pride, pride in each other. It is an honor for us to restore the image of LOSC, find colors, smile. Even more beautiful on victory nights. We want to bring our supporters home happier than they are now and that’s the whole point now. We need to stop calculating, not to talk about ranking, Europe because it is no longer a lever now. You have to show a lot of pride to see a strong LOSC because that’s what will lead us to win games.

How did the group react to this sequence?

It’s about a career. We’ve all experienced these unpleasant times but we have to face that, it’s part of the job. That there is dissatisfaction is the same everywhere and there is a form of logic. After all, that’s what we did in our weeks, between two games, stay professional, invest. I see the group working while respecting the profession. Between the two games, we practiced and prepared well. After all, we have to move into the competition and no longer have to hide tomorrow, we have to show character because it’s a committed game. Strasbourg have a very good team, the dynamic for them and they have to respond, have character and not hide in this game.

Strasbourg is a tough opponent to get back in the saddle …

It’s a well-organized team, always playing the same system of attackers efficiently and well completing their actions. We beat them in the first leg of a tough game, in a tough context at La Meinau where it pushed hard. They are in their dynamic, not winning all their games but they have contact. So far, they’ve followed, that’s where we’re in trouble. It was a big challenge to want them to tap and win a match with us. We owe that to our audience. We first have to think about what we need to do in the game before thinking about the outcome, but in a corner of our head, we want to reclaim the win. For that, obviously we need to respect the game plan but we also have to put in enough and the abnegation we need to get this kind of game.


34th day of Ligue 1

Sunday, April 24, 5:05 p.m.

Pierre Mauroy Stadium, Villeneuve d’Ascq

Referee: Mr. Pignard

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