Feeding the Next Wave of Metaverse Startups Building in Klaytn

These startups will benefit from extensive mentorship, access to the investor network, program benefits and co-working space, as well as technical development and marketing support from Klaytn, and access to a wide range of tools. , projects and expertise in the Klaytn ecosystem. In addition, F10 will give a total of up to $ 500,000 value of Klay in 2022 start -up grants.

Jonas Thürig, Director of F10 Singapore noted that “We are very impressed with the quality of the startup apps and are proud to now announce 5 shortlisted startups in the areas of Metaverse, Gaming, and Creator Economy. We are very excited about what is in store for them and expects to accelerate their acceleration of this program with the Klaytn team.

“F10 has designed a completely custom program that combines traditional startup elements of web3 programs and benefits from Klaytn,” it says. David Shin, responsible for the global adoption of Klaytn. “By helping startups succeed in the Klaytn ecosystem, we hope to create more possibilities and more synergies, opening up more use cases for the metaverse. For this immersion program, not just we will bring our expertise and resources to web3, but we will also call on other web3 partners to share their knowledge and experience, ”he added.

The 5 startups in the inaugural batch 1 are as follows:

1) hero level (ZURICH) Combining the magic of blockchain and metaverse technologies, it aims to bridge the gap between centralized gaming communities to bring them to decentralized assets to raise funds for their digital assets in a fun and meaningful way. way. Users can interact and support their favorite aspects of the project, giving developer teams an insight into what their fanbase really cares about. Get ready, LevelHeroes will rise to tie the ties between the game universe!

2) Kryptonium (Singapore) Beoble is a social module built on Kryptonium, with an API and SDK for Web 3.0. It is an on-chain communication window and a true user-owned Web 3.0 product. Beoble aims to help other web 3.0 services integrate social features such as creating a social profile, instant messaging, posting feeds on their services, all within 5 minutes.

3) JOOS® (Germany’s) A decentralized application for interior creators. We provide them with the tools to break the chains of trust on the platform and have a direct connection to their community without intermediaries. With JOOS, creators can have a strong, independent income by making regular payments from their fans and selling shares to investors, who in turn receive a share of the creator’s income.

4) Y2123 (Singapore) An NFT-based blockchain game where you play as a citizen scientist who races against time to save the Earth from climate change. Inspired by Zoo Tycoon and Tamagotchi, you need to restore your NFT Land to good health by finding the right ecological balance of NFT flora and its fauna. There are 4 habitats released in phases, including Savannah, Marine, Rainforest, and Urban. Y2123 the Genesis collection has been exhausted and Earth and its 2nd Gen NFTs have been launched April 2022. Advised by a Pew Fellows marine biologist, we also have a philanthropic mission to help combat climate change in real life.

Currently in Ethereum, with ambitions to build a multi-chain ecosystem.

5) Club Dixel (South Korea)– Create and unprogrammed, user -generated NFT pixel art collectibles where you earn $ DIXEL rewards for your PixelFi activities. The Dixel Club has three main characteristics. First, anyone can post the next edition of Dixel Art by sharing a 16 × 16 canvas. In addition, NFT coiners can earn $ DIXEL rewards when a new Dixel Art is created. Finally, they get the $ DIXEL tokens used to re-edit and get the tips received from people when they burn their NFTs.

Applications for the next batch will begin in July

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About Klaytn

Klaytn is a public blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and creator economy. Officially launched on June 2019it is the dominant blockchain platform South Korea and has now experienced global business expansion from its international base to Singapore.

These business development activities are supported by $ 500 million Klaytn Growth Fund, which aims to grow the ecosystem of businesses established in Klaytn. The fund is managed and spent by the Klaytn Foundation, a Singaporenon-profit established by August 2021.

For more information, please visit klaytn.foundation.

About F10s

F10 is a global innovation ecosystem with offices in ZURICH, Singapore, Madridand Barcelona. F10’s mission is to bring together tech startups with big businesses to shape the future of banking, insurance and more. With its incubators and accelerators covering Web 3.0 and FinTech features, F10 supports and guides startups in turning their ideas into successful companies while encouraging collaboration among international organizations.

For more information, please visit www.f10.global.

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