Revoland: Establishes Portal Gateway To Metaverse In Cooperation With Dao

“Before coming to the cooperation, we spent a lot of time doing market research. Based on feedback data, including players from our DAO community, most of the players showed great interest in various game mode.Compared to traditional MOBA games or top chain games, Revoland is an interesting and beautiful game not only for game designs but also for its ecosystem.

Mr. said. Cang, the founder of AKG Ventures, a company that focuses on innovative finance, particularly blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

What is Revoland?

Revoland is a blockchain-based multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game where players can gather friends to form a team, fight against others, and earn token rewards for their individual skill and victory in team battles. Revoland’s game is designed to combine the skills of the individual player and collaborate with each other in a variety of game modes, with attractive leaderboard rewards that are updated monthly.

The importance of strategic cooperation with DAO

Preciously Revoland has announced a strategic partnership with AKG Ventures & PAClub to build a comprehensive ecosystem. This cooperation not only aims to create a great game that allows players to become creators with a blockchain, but also to develop underlying technology to provide multiple benefits to players.

As Founder of AKG Ventures, Mr. Cang said, “Dao has the potential to help build the next generation of digital networks, which will completely disrupt the way we view online communities and global communication in general.” . GameFi, like all online gaming systems, has a strong focus on DAO and Revoland’s plans for Metaverse indicate that Revoland has exciting plans for the future of Metaverse and the players with an interest. should take care of this space.

From the point of view of Mr. Cang in partnership with Revoland, he said, “With the help of PAClub, many users will be able to make an initial capital investment to acquire Revoland NFTs, and then these NFTs will give them more opportunities. and options to get more value from NFTs. ”Meanwhile, Revoland is also working to enable NFTs in the Revoland world with special features and attributes so they can enjoy a better experience. to the user. It is learned that Revoland is inseparable from community support. If GameFi and Daos are combined into Revoland’s Metaverse, they will explore the GameFi Web 3.0 world as one of the first fun and game-focused projects in the Play-to-Earn ecosystem.

There are significant platform investment opportunities with the current rise of GameFi. GameFi brought crypto to the mass market. Many people get their very first crypto through blockchain games. This means that the potential market size is an order of magnitude larger than in the previous cycle. Mr. Cang also commented that “Revoland is at the forefront of this industry due to its brilliant combination of new technologies, top-notch game design and unique artistic direction. The team uses the latest Blockchain technology to provide players with an unparalleled experience. In terms of gameplay, the game’s visually beautiful artwork and top-notch design give players a stellar experience that they can not only enjoy, but have fun with.

Revoland’s Vision for 2022

We can even say that GameFi itself and DAO are collaborating with each other. The user’s strong adherence to the game guild chain has also attracted capital investment. Without DAO, many games would not be possible as well. Cooperation between GameFi+DAO could also be the next weather vane.

The gambling industry is an industry that is always ripe for disruption. For example, we’ve seen the rise of free games at a time when most legacy game companies consider them a dead end. The Play-To-Earn game is a very recent development made possible by the rise of new technologies such as Blockchain and NFTs and it is a development whose potential is enormous and has yet to be fully explored. Revoland is leading this field by combining a revolutionary dual-token ecosystem and an NFT marketplace soon.





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