Meta Pirates, NFTs belonging to the Metaverse

While NFTs and non-fungible tokens have replaced the art world, MThe Pirates seek to create a crew passionate about piracy to conquer, together, new lands in the metaverse through NFTs. Interview with the founders of the platform presenting this interview, the many advantages of this unique project.

Can you tell us about the M projecteta Pirates surrounding NFTs?

Initially, we wanted to launch an NFT project through a category that people would like and that hadn’t been exploited until then. This is how we came up with the idea to develop this project around the world of pirates: a theme that has become very popular with the general public thanks to popular achievements such as the film Pirates of the Caribbean or the One Piece manga, and that brings together many themes such as sea, boat, war, or treasure.

Through the spirit of conquest and friendship, the pirate universe fits in every way with the one we want to promote around NFTs, which is to create a community of pirates who plan to face the metaverse.

MEta Pirates has created a roadmap that offers many advantages around the pirates theme of NFTs. What exactly is this?

The universe of pirates allows us to propose a road map for the holders (buyers) listing all the advantages to which they are entitled thanks to this project. After being selected to participate in the project, our holders can purchase their NFTs. This gives them advantages that we will present as the roadmap proceeds in eight consecutive phases.

After being welcomed on board and officially joined by the Meta Pirates crew, holders will be able to access unique merchandising with crew privileges such as a clothing collection perfectly designed for them. This allows them to get to know each other more easily and strengthens the sense of belonging to the group. All members can be contacted through a private club to create a business network that allows them to exchange the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

What are some of the benefits of this roadmap?

To stand out from other NFT projects, we want to highlight other advantages: each holder can win between two and four unique chests per month where cash, free sales, raises, or new NFT. We are also the first project to offer such gifts!

Among other phases, we have set up humanitarian actions called “Coeur de pirate: l’âme de l’océan” that allow you to select an association to make a donation given to the entire crew. .

Note: We will also be creating an online game where 8,888 people can compete, and where the best of them will have access to various prizes.

Finally, our final phase of the project allows you to conquer the metaverse via a boat, purchased right in the metaverse. People can meet there, discuss together different themes, and find a real use of their meta pirates through their avatar.

So the goal is to develop a real community around NFTs and the metaverse?

In fact, we are looking for people who share this desire to belong to a group and to a close community, with members from a variety of professional backgrounds.

We want to connect all of these people to create an ecosystem with exclusive benefits, and this in the long term! We also like to organize physical events, for example in Dubai or Los Angeles, so that the crew can meet, discuss, or even do business together!

This universe of pirates makes it possible to find a unique community, which gathers strong values ​​such as loyalty or determination.

What are the next steps for Meta Pirates?

While waiting for the official launch of the project, we are actively working on its development. For this, we have a budget of more than one million euros for the sale, which is very unique in the field of NFT. This should allow us to show all our determination around this amazing project!

While in March 2021, the famous auction house Christies was able to sell almost a photo montage of American artist Beeple ” Daily: the First 5000 days at more than 69 million dollars – placing him in the category of the most expensive artists of their lives alongside Jeff Koons and David Hockney – NFTs are currently rocking the art market and heralding a real revolution. With the rise of these technologies and the advent of the metaverse, MEta Pirates hopes, for now, to participate fully in this chaos by proposing a fundraising project around the popular piracy world, with a community of enthusiasts.

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