Mathieu and Alexandre (Love is in the pasture) part: sad message from the farmer

These young men deeply touched the fans of the program Love is in the pasture. Despite their differences in temperament and age, they know how to find each other. They became united and cooperated. In addition, lovebirds, even violated the ring finger. We remember the farmer’s wedding proposal to his suitor in front of Karine Le Marchand. A session full of emotions and tears we share with you at the bottom of this article. Alas, the atmosphere is not good right now. Apparently, the two candidates Love is in the pasture, who with well separates? We will explain everything to you!

Love is in the pasture … and there always is!

Here below is the beautiful photo of the farmer Love is in the pasture nag post na. A moment that froze in time that marked their love story forever. ” Separation can have qualities, but it is often marked by lack. We have lived this past 2 years H24 together: work, family, projects, our commitments ” , he wrote in conjunction with this shot. Mathieu goes on with these few words: “Life at 200km/h… Few people can experience it like us in such a short time… Is it the fear of disease, or our strength? Maybe a mixture of the two. ”

A beautiful story that moved France

So, obviously, the regulars in the program Love is in the pasture shocked at the discovery of these words. In fact, they did not expect such news. In their minds, they are about to end their life together … So what happened? One thing is for sure, this announcement has greatly upset Internet users who have left many comments under the photo. Also, if you remember correctly, the two men started a surrogacy procedure or so -called GPA to raise their family. They are determined to achieve their dream and whatever the obstacles.

They were not the first to try this route. For example, we might mention other well -known personalities on our screens, such as comedian Jarry, the presenter of France 2 Alex Goude, Christophe Beaugrand or the journalist Marc-Olivier Fogiel. This approach fills Mathieu and Alexandre with joy, but also with the thousands of people who follow them on the Web.

Separated from c*rps but no heart?

In fact, the lovers of Love is in the pasture physically separated by thousands of miles, but they are still together! What a relief! Mathieu is in Martinique and Alexandre is still in mainland France. During an interview for our colleagues from the Gala, in October, the farmer explained the reasons for his trip to the Caribbean. “We will go to the West Indies, mostly Martinique, to help the KAP Caraïbes association. We will tour colleges and high schools to talk about love, homosexuality and inclusion ”, he proudly announced. And it can be!

Here is what he added: “He don’t forget we are going to an island where 80% of the population is homophobic. This is a challenge. Going there as a gay couple is great. But going there as a homosexual couple exposing themselves through radio and TV movies is more risky. »

Love is in the pastureseason 17, soon to open in the mails!

As a reminder, in January, viewers discovered season 17 of Love is in the pasture on the M6 ​​channel. Suitors and suitors are currently writing the letters. The next step, which shouldn’t take long, is to open the mail. In writing toObjeko, we look forward! And you, dear readers?

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