France and Africa have a common history where a feeling is born, sometimes feelings and always anticipated by each other. I have a strong conviction that we deserve and should, sixty years after independence, together reach the shore in a peaceful relationship and finally find the right tone, because what unites us is more more important than what separates us.

As a candidate in the second round of the French presidential election, I want to offer the continent, and especially the French -speaking countries where we have a history and culture, my view of our relationship. It challenges baseless remorse and nostalgia for the past.
Moreover, as a candidate for the sovereignty and freedom of my country, how can I not understand and share with myself that it is this desire of the people and States of Africa to take as they see fit their model of development and their concert alliances with countries? So, even if I think the CFA franc constitutes, even now, a guarantee of stability for the economies of the franc zone, it is first of all for the African States to decide whether they want to continue it. monetary cooperation in France. The responsibility of choice rests with our partners and they alone.

With the same conviction, I reject the inclusion of Franco-Africa relations in a globalizing multilateral framework, devoid of natural bodies, which seeks to impose political and economic models on the continent that are self-contradictory. henyo.

Between Françafrique, which can no longer and should no longer exist, and the utopia of a relationship purged by the mediation of an unknown Anglo-Saxon multilateralism and ultra-liberal inspiration, I am convinced there is a place to create a mature relationship between. our countries, based on taking into account the facts and legitimate interests, began to search for the stability of the continent.

Security and resilience are really the sine qua non of Africa’s progress. However, at a time when the international situation necessitated a strengthened presence of French troops in the European theater, continuing the ad aeternam of our forces in the Sahelian areas was not a strategic option. I considered. France paid the price of Sahel blood in a war with no hope of victory that prevented neither coups nor the rise of Islamist terrorism, but that exacerbated the rise of unprecedented anti-French sentiment in throughout Africa. I intend to end this deadly stagnation. The possible participation of the French army in Africa must achieve clear political and strategic objectives, take place within a limited time framework and have a clearly defined scope of action. -atras.

I also want to end the diplomatic conflicts that have aroused the misunderstanding of African populations towards us. France could not at the same time accept the institutional situation created by Chad after the death of President Idriss DEBY, while Assimi Goïta condemned Mali and recognized Colonel DAMIBA’s junta in Burkina Faso. There is a simple way to address this, non -interference in the internal activities of sovereign States. By this logic, Mr. Le Drian’s policy for ten years would be completely unreadable and we are still waiting to know what his actions will be to solve the problem of political prisoners in some countries. he also supported, as in Congo- Brazzaville.

The other big reality I love is the promotion of the Francophonie, that Africa finds a framework for natural development. La Francophonie is not, in my eyes, the spare wheel of French influence on the continent. Its dream is to condemn it to disappear sooner rather than later. As Léopold Sédar Senghor said, La Francophonie is “a way to think and act”, a natural pathway for dialogue, exchange, prosperity for countries with both French and for nearly 300 million man. and women all over the world, most of them living. on the continent. I also think of these young people in Africa, a powerful breeding ground for creativity and an important driver of the economic dynamics of African societies, that the Francophonie needs to find the necessary framework for emergence of new opportunities and perspectives. Sitting down when the day comes with French-speaking Heads of State and Government, I am sure that the great design of the Francophonie will be useful, especially to the young people of Africa who are bringing the future of the language through their numbers. . I wish, thanks to the French, to promote scientific cooperation and awaken positive South-South dynamics, especially in the fields of education, health, agronomy and climate change which are at the center of the global challenges that need to be addressed. face in Africa.

Finally, I want a new policy of French cooperation that is again aimed at a contribution to reducing demographics, migration and environmental tensions in Africa. In particular, I seek to transcend the idea of ​​development assistance, which remains very little financially, to promote investment for development by promoting industrialization, targeted support for agricultural activities, joint development. progress in the region through major infrastructure challenges and the advancement of technology in Africa. . I say this clearly, in my eyes the continent is not destined to remain forever a provider of basic things for the rest of the world. To support this orientation, I intend to give France back control of its development assistance left over from the European Union by creating a secretary of State for co-development who will ensure the effective management of the AFD and provide impulses within the framework of an orientation law adopted by parliament. I am convinced that French cooperation in the field, open and collaborative, will make it possible to better meet the expectations of African economic players and the populations that await it with hope. We are now preparing to face the violent food crisis that is looming over the skies and that has become for me a cause of deep concern.

As Peace President Nelson Mandela said “none of us, acting alone, can achieve success”. Together, my dear friends in Africa, let us write these new pages in our common future.

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