who are the season 14 contestants? Sandrine Dans introduces them to you (photos)

Julien, 22, Mons, family sheep breeding and dairy farm

“22 years to find love is much younger. But Julien is an adult, he is alone in managing his professional activities, his feet are firmly on the ground. His parents have it. when they were young: Julien had this family model, so he wanted to be a young father.In part of private life, he wanted to settle by building his family.I know he used to have serious love affair that resulted in hurting him.If he was in love, he gave a lot and obviously he didn’t get the return he was expecting.I feel a little hurt… He told me that through the show, he wanted a woman to take the step of approaching him. He must feel that he wants her. “

Julien – RTL Belgium / Fremantle

Alain, 43, Pays de Herve, dairy farm and pig fattening

“The first time I met him, I felt like Alain was someone with a heart in his arm. Given great sensitivity, he can cut himself into four. Very dynamic, she loves to travel and has many more projects in mind. Alain has a farm where you can eat from the ground! She was clean, attentive, very handy. When I arrived at his place for the shoot, he had just rearranged his terrace to accommodate his suitors, he planted flowers all around. In love, she is married and has children. It took her several years to recover from this divorce where she learned lessons. In my view, he was looking for a woman who had a sense of humor and wouldn’t play with how he felt. »

Alain – RTL Belgium / Fremantle

Nordine, 28, Leuze-en-Hainaut, livestock and dairy farm seller

“Very hospitable, he took care of everyone. When he put me in the car for filming purposes, he immediately asked me if I was okay. He was full of attention. But he had a shell that kept him from expressing his feelings. felt. He wanted to share, but he was a moderate little heart. There were details that were not deceiving: when I arrived at his farm, I went to look at his cattle. Much was said of their manners about to the farmer, they were all calm, hardworking.I understand that Nordine is very gentle with her animals.I feel like she experienced disappointment because she talked to me about honesty and sincerity.I need a one woman with character, feminine and less introvert.

Nordine – RTL Belgium / Fremantle

André, 56, Bassenge, butchers with horns, hunter

“André married later in life to a woman who already had children that he considered his own. Despite this separation, she still believed in true love. He loves to spend holidays in the southwest of France. This lover of nature and the environment is very quick to speak. In the face of his suitors, he would not hide a possible crush, as it would be difficult to take his eyes off this woman. She knew she could actually meet someone who already had children, which she never bothered with. On the other hand, he doesn’t want to waste his time with a woman creating stories. He wants a good relationship. ”

André – RTL Belgium / Fremantle

Arnaud, 33, Rochefort, outdoor pig farm, Pathénaise beef cattle

“He has an approach to animal welfare that I really like. To achieve this, Arnaud worked hard. Very introvert by nature, he decided to take care of things in his own hands by joining a local boxing club. This game gives him more confidence. Today, starting a family is very close to his heart. I saw Arnaud as a little chick hatched and just waiting to come along with the right person. In my opinion, he needs a sensitive, smiling, loving woman.

Arnaud – RTL Belgium / Fremantle

Cathy, 56, Biévène, riding school and pony club

“Sacred piece of woman, Cathy! Given a strong manners, he managed an equestrian estate while running an aesthetic practice. So she is very feminine, but she also has a lot of grip. In front of her, suitors are able to talk about everything because she has a very good overall culture. She didn’t find the man waiting for her on the couch when she got home from work. On the other hand, he is waiting for someone who is active, dynamic and has character: in short, a shoulder on which he can sometimes rest.

Cathy – RTL Belgium / Fremantle

Soraya, 31, Biévène, riding school and pony club

“Cathy is Soraya’s daughter. She inherited the dynamism from her mother: she taught the children in riding school, she participated in dressage competitions with her horse while working for an insurance company. However, his behavior is more reserved. They experienced the greatest pain in their lives: his brother (and thus Cathy’s son) died in a car accident. This damage eventually brought them closer. A real ray of sunshine, Soraya is looking for someone with character. She didn’t explicitly tell me she wanted marriage and children, but if she could find someone she could trust, that could change. ”

Soraya – RTL Belgium / Fremantle

François, 33, Andenne, incubator

“This businessman had just realized that all of his friends were married or had a relationship, unlike him. The night after work, he found his dog but no one was with him on his day. Neither. -he confid to me that he would never have joined Love is in the grass a few years ago, he was very reserved.Standing up at work gave him the confidence he lacked.Sentimentally on the sentimental side, he would have preferred the woman to come he rather than refuses.I, I feel that something is very confusing.

François – RTL Belgium / Fremantle

Bernard, 60, Vaux-sur-Sûre, trader in blond meat animals from the Acquitaine region

“What an event! He was always joking but deep down, I know Bernard is a big sentimentalist. We can see him laughing but he also cries easily. Registered for his son’s show, the dean nowadays wants to break his loneliness. This is what I would call good dough. She experienced her divorce as a major wound in her life, but now she is able to turn the page. Bernard just asked to give love! In the rest of the show, his heart will speak. »

Bernard – RTL Belgium / Fremantle

A 10th mystery farmer

During the period of the letters, which will be broadcast in a few months, a tenth farmer will be introduced to the audience. A first on the show: his adventures are just following social networks. “It’s another way to follow the program through this guy or girl”, Sandrine Dans justified. “Let’s see if necessary. »

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