Minecraft 1.19: Snapshot 22w16b

Now the snapshot 22w16a in version 1.19 in Minecraft is now in your launcher. It adds new music to the game as well as a new disc.

Edit 04/20/2022: A snapshot 22w16b released to fix the crash when clicking the “Solo/Singleplayer” button.

Additions and changes:

  • In addition to 4 new music named ” Aerie“,” Bleeding“,” Labyrinthine »Which is especially available on Spotify and« fathers which is only available in the Cave & Cliffs Update playlist.
    • fathers played in the pit.
    • Aerie“,” Bleeding »&« Labyrinthine played in lush caves, forests, swamps and forests. As well as the main menu.
  • In addition to music disc – 5 who plays the voice five.
    • Unlike other discs, it can only be obtained by searching and merging 9 disc fragments.
      • These fragments are rarely found in the chests of ancient towns.
  • Various changes have been made regarding Allay
    • His health is increased from 10 to 20 HP.
    • The delay after throwing an object is reduced from 5 to 3 seconds.
    • The object search radius increased from 9 to 32 blocks.
    • It’s now slower when roaming and faster when picking up items, going to the player, or going to notepad.
    • The bow shot was changed based on community feedback.
  • Some random events are now more predictable and no longer indicate the possibility of serious behavior.
    • Placement and speed of items disposed of in Droppers/Dispensers.
    • The placement and speed of items from containers when destroyed.
    • The ingredient virtue ” follow_range random for creatures.
    • The speed of the horses produced by Skeleton Traps.
    • The random position of the Blaze and the random speed of the Blaze projectiles.
    • The random part of the arrow damage and speed.
    • The random flying pattern of fireworks
    • The bobber pattern and the time before the fish for the stick.
  • Frogs can now lay their eggs on grass, mud, moss carpet, mangrove roots, and muddy mangrove roots.
  • The Grelamps (“ Frog lights “) can now be operated by pistons.


  • Added game rule doWardenSpawning
    • Allowed to make sure or not that the Warden can show up.
  • The library LWJGL updated to version 3.3.1
  • Added group memory allocation scale on F3 screen
  • Some changes to the tables.
    • Paints that can be placed in survival mode can now be controlled using the tag painting_variant/mabutang.
    • Added unused paints to Bedrock Edition (earth, wind, fire, water)
      • These paints cannot be installed by default, but can be added via a datapack.


Various corrections made using the 22w16b snapshot:

  • [MC-250312] -The game crashes when clicking on “Singleplayer” || java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "java.lang.Comparable.compareTo(Object)" because "pivot" is null

Various corrections made using the 22w16a snapshot:

  • [MC-81870] -Changing the entity data in the array will not show up in-game until the fragment is reloaded.
  • [MC-111809] – Tables appear to disappear if the part data is quickly updated.
  • [MC-187188] – The NBT of the tables and the register have a typo: “Motif” instead of “Motif”.
  • [MC-226184] – The passage of axolotl into the water sometimes falls into large holes.
  • [MC-228049] – Axolotl can’t force his way through the open doors.
  • [MC-228174] -The Axolotls are trying to get through two large lower walls.
  • [MC-244957] – The “Search” option on the Social Interactions screen is not marked in the correct order when the tab is used.
  • [MC-245001] – The “Manage with Microsoft Account” button in the Social Interactions menu is not centered
  • [MC-249084] – No sound available for placing and tadpole bucket.
  • [MC-249092] -Log/Barked Mangrove Wood and Mangrove Wood are not in the correct order in the Creative Inventory.
  • [MC-249176] – Grelamps are not visible on maps.
  • [MC-249193] – The frog can’t get through the open doors.
  • [MC-249217] – The liquid level next to the grelamps is very low.
  • [MC-249245] – The turtle cannot go through the open doors.
  • [MC-249246] – The surveyor cannot go through open doors.
  • [MC-249265] – Some blocks cannot be placed on grelamps.
  • [MC-249459] – Cacti cannot be destroyed by grelamps.
  • [MC-249663] – The subtitles of some parrot imitation sounds do not match the subtitles of the original sounds.
  • [MC-249679] – Wrong activation of Warden’s sniffing animation and character.
  • [MC-249715] – Allays don’t drop things they hold when they die.
  • [MC-249766] – Allays can disappear after receiving an item if they have not already received it.
  • [MC-249790] – Allay tracks and drops items for players in spectator mode.
  • [MC-249838] -Allays lose their slow moving animation when they start moving.
  • [MC-249855] – Parity issue: Allays have no Java flight animation.
  • [MC-249912] – minecraft:ancient_city/city_center_3 is a block smaller than other ancient city centers.
  • [MC-249928] – Mangrove roots will not update the blocks around them when they generate.
  • [MC-250039] – Wardens can be angry with creatures beyond the borders of the world.
  • [MC-250040] – Wardens can hear creatures beyond the edge of the world.
  • [MC-250041] – Wardens can lay eggs outside the borders of the world.
  • [MC-250044] – Observers cannot detect the roots of mangrove trees when the tree grows
  • [MC-250094] – The wardens ignored the murder /murder when they arise or are buried.
  • [MC-250095] -Wardens can lay eggs in very narrow areas causing them to suffocate.
  • [MC-250293] – The particle ” abog_abog not used.
  • [MC-250294] – Parity issue: The scope of object detection in Allays is much lower than in Bedrock.

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Download Snapshot 22w16b


Early versions of these snapshots may be to bribe your worlds, make sure you always make backups!

Server 22w16b Snapshot history

  • Launch your minecraft launcher and on the top tab, click Setups. (see photo)
  • Then check the box Snapshot. It will appear directly as a new profile. (see photo)
  • Launch the snapshot profile and take advantage of the latest features. (see photo)

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