less than 2% of striking teachers, according to the ministry

Seven days after a massive Education strike to protest against the management of the school health crisis, teachers did not heed a new call from unions on Thursday. But the anger is still there, facing a weak minister, Jean-Michel Blanquer. After a very well-attended mobilization on Jan. 13, unions are having a harder time convincing teachers to strike again. According to figures released at noon by the Ministry of Education, only 1.15% of elementary school teachers went on strike and 2.18% of secondary school teachers.

Demonstrations throughout France

On Thursday, striker rates were higher, with more than 38% in the first degree and almost 24% in the second, according to figures from the Ministry of Education. Nearly 78,000 people marched in France, including 8,200 in Paris, according to the Interior Ministry. Demonstrations are also planned across France on Thursday, including one in Paris at 2pm from Luxembourg to rue de Grenelle, near the ministry.

Last week’s event was already aimed at protesting against the waltz of health protocols in schools. It unites all education unions, including many (FSU, CGT Educ’action, FO and SUD Education, as well as FCPE, the first parents organization, and the high school student activities FIDL, MNL and La Voix lycéenne) called for “continued mobilization”, joining “a new day of action on Thursday, including the strike”. They believe that “the turmoil created in the management of the health crisis should be strong responses, beyond the commitments made” after the demonstration on January 13.

“Keep up the pressure,” according to Snuipp-FSU

For Guislaine David, general secretary of Snuipp-FSU, the first primary union, “the goal this season is not to call on teachers to strike because a week away is complicated. A new call for on a strike on January 27 ”, as part of the day of interprofessional mobilization for wages and employment, he explained to AFP. .

Similar story for the secretary general of the federation of the Force Ouvrière pour l’enseignement (FNEC FP-FO) union, Clément Poullet: “We can not speak now of the demobilization of teachers. They are not called to strike but to show their dissatisfaction by ground actions and decision to follow-up to be given to announcements is not enough ”, he said.

Not “enough” announcements for unions

The unions were received by Prime Minister Jean Castex and Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, who promised “five million FFP2 masks” for teachers and several replacements for left-wing teachers. The announcements were “insufficient” for the unions, calling for “creating all positions necessary to secure replacements” and “providing schools and establishments with adequate quantities of protection equipment, more than the volumes announced ”.

“Jean Castex and Jean-Michel Blanquer did not respond to the demands, and even if they were shaken by the demonstration, they did not take the scale of the unrest that reigned in the schools and continued”, was quoted from AFP’s Christophe Lalande from the FO. After two years of “damaging” management of the school health crisis, according to many teachers, the anger is clear. And Minister Blanquer, already exhausted, had a hard time convincing this week after Mediapart revealed his stay in Ibiza before the start of the January school year, if the schools ’health protocol is decided.

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