In school, there should be a REAL fair education (this is the law!), But this is far from the case.

In France, the law provides for gender equality education in schools, for students and staff. However, in practice, the methods are rarely sufficient. In this forum, the association of Parents and feminists criticized it.

Made these headlines last month: “Women consider them successful because they work hard, men because they have talent” according to an international study of gender stereotypes, published in the journal Science.

At the same time, raising awareness of gender stereotypes, planned by a Paris school group under contract, was canceled at the last minute because it was considered to encourage “gender theory”. Organized by the parents association, it will be led by an independent trainer, who is also a member of Parents et Féministes. A small group of parents, close to the “Manif pour tous” movement, mocked him for his membership in the association and forced the management to cancel the meeting.

However, the numbers on the 1st barometer of sexism in France are clear: 78% of French women have personally experienced an act of sexism or received sexist comments.

So, facing these findings, and a few days before the second round, it seems important that we remember France’s commitments in this area.

The School must contribute, at all levels, to the promotion of diversity and equality between women and men, especially in terms of orientation, and the prevention of sexist discrimination and violence against women. That is what the law says today.

To fulfill this obligation, the texts also provide for initial and ongoing training of all staff, and the consideration of the uniformity of the teaching center and teaching training.

If these goals are fully equivalent to our own claims as a feminist association, they really are. the commitments are far from being fulfilled.

On the one hand, training has only benefited a minority of school professionals, as the High Council for Equality pointed out in its 2017 report. However, teaching in an egalitarian way is not natural! Learned it!

High Council for Equality recommendations in its 2017 report

On the other hand, about which takes into account the equality of the heart of teachingit is clear that it depends in essence on the specific initiatives of staff teachers, even parents of students, aware of the importance of the issues and concerned about extreme immobility.

In fact, we are far from a global equality policy as envisioned by law.

And yet …

Now at dawn in the second round between a misogynistic candidate and a candidate who promised a lot but did littleit is important to allow children to question these perennial stereotypes, to better understand them in order to better understand them … So that they do not have many obstacles to their fulfillment and their development, so that in the end, a woman and a man . treated and considered equal…

We need to open up the field of possibilities to children, deconstruct the walls that surround them and where they surround themselves, because the weight of stereotypes is so heavy, so now. Our culture is full of sexism. Let’s put it, let’s face and move the lines.

Now more than ever, the school, as a major venue for the socialization of children, should aim to create a culture of equality and mutual respect. We need to provide the concrete way by fully training all education professionals!

It’s also important, as half of French women (49%) considered Marine Le Pen a few days before the second round as a “feminist” to remember that. Feminism is not a cover up that we drape ourselves for the duration of a campaign.

Feminism is everyday work to deconstruct sexist stereotypes, for real equality, from kindergarten to retirement pension. Feminism is a work of analyzing the relations of domination, for a better world for all. Not to mention that a party that has inherited Nazism is too far, too far away, from feminist thinking.

And if, last night, Emmanuel Macron had a word for feminicides, he would have to go further to overcome them. The fight against sexist violence began in childhood. We are here to remind him.

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