Fog of Love – review and presentation

After playing ninjas on the side of Blue Orange, we now put our scenes into a game with a very original theme, Fog of Love. Made by Jacob Jaskov, the game will allow you to experience a real relationship between the couple.

We also had the opportunity to meet Jacob at Essen 2019, where he presented the game to us, its context, as well as his upcoming project, Crisis in mid -life. From his little confidence, Fog of Love created with the goal of offering a playable board game with his partner. As you should suspect, the game can only be played by two people.

Married living

Fog of Love a life simulation game for two players. The principle couldn’t be simpler: you live as a couple. At the beginning of the game, you create your character: his character, his job or his gender. When it’s over, it’s up to the two of you to talk, exchange and especially to tell each other about your first meeting.

In the rest of the game, you take turns playing a card in your hand, which usually corresponds to a scene. These scenes can be related to the couple or another person in the duo. So it is necessary to choose what is offered on the menu. Depending on the outcome, it can influence many aspects.

It can influence, for example, your amount of satisfaction within the couple, but also the different values ​​that characterize you: discipline, curiosity, sociability, kindness, sincerity and sensitivity. One of your goals is to fill these different gauges with the right amount that matches your characteristics.

And it’s all at the level of the rules! Fog of Love is immediately divided into several scenarios (4 in the standard box) that will ask you to accomplish your secret objectives (the character cards), but also through luck cards, which will increase the game time a bit change of status about development. in your relationship as a couple.

Be honest with yourself in serving others

The mist of love 4 is measured 2

Fog of Love clearly a fantastic game. If it is already through its original game system, but also through its operation. We find ourselves in a game that is primarily cooperative but where we still have to stand according to our attitudes and secrets.

The goal of course is to improve our relationship and so we have to trust each other all the time. It is also important to know that in Fog of Love, we play, like theater, a character. His personality may be different from yours. So you also need to let go of your own personality a little bit for the sake of character.

What’s more, the game has very good replayability. We can tell ourselves that the four scenarios aren’t very numerous, but there’s no counting that each part will vary in the number of scenes you’ll find in the game, the number of characters available, which makes each part completely unique and different.

If we add to that the three extensions that have been released, we find ourselves in for a great package of games to play!

Who is Fog of Love for?

Fog of love 5 scaled 3

Looks like we recommend Fog of Love all without any worries on our part, but there was a small aspect that changed the situation. The game isn’t just offered in French right now. This is an aspect that needs to be considered of course for players unfamiliar with Shakespeare’s language, but for others, we recommend the game for couples (obviously) but worldwide for all pairs of players. .

In terms of material, it’s a box full of Fog of Love. The minimalist aesthetic is noble and brightly successful, while the box and its thermoforming work very well and allow you to store all the equipment as well as extensions.

  • Number of players : 2 players
  • party time : 60-120 min
  • Authors : Jacob Jaskov
  • Illustrators: Mike Højgaard, Lotte M. Klixbüll Jaskov
  • Editor : Hush Hush Projects
  • Price : 55 €

Fog of Love is the real favorite on our part. A unique game that suddenly has a unique place in our games cabinet, and very clearly a game we can only recommend!

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