Ceva Santé Animale invites you to an action “Back to basics” to discover the unique relationship between humans and dogs! (Video)

Through a new video titled “Back to basics”, Ceva Santé Animale reaffirms its commitment to the well-being of our beloved furballs. This campaign marks the start of a new identity for its ADAPTIL® brand. Discover the unique relationship between Man and the one considered “his best friend”. Contemplate the majestic paintings signed by Frédéric Fougea, author, director and producer with unique style.

First veterinary laboratory in France and fifth in the world, Ceva Animal Health develops medicines, vaccines, equipment as well as services for livestock and companion animals.

Under the brand ADAPTIL®, the group sells products containing canine pheromones aimed at relieving the stress of our 4-legged friends. Their scientifically recognized effectiveness, their natural composition and their practical use, have won over practitioners and owners alike.

Global specialist in animal behavior and welfare, Ceva Animal Health unveiled the latest campaign to establish the new identity of its flagship brand. The video, which was published on YouTube, became an invitation to a “Back to Basics”.

Through beautiful illustrations, the expert illustrates the unbreakable bond formed between the two species over the centuries: humans and dogs.

Article description: Ceva Santé Animale invites you to a moving

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Poetry and originality are at the forefront

Amazing scenery, majestic animal photos, moving lyrics: these are the secret ingredients that were mixed to make this original video. The pictures, taken from the films The sanctuary and Man’s Best Friend on Frederic Fougea, full of lyrics. Moreover, the text that accompanies them becomes as rhythmic as a poetic declamation. “Back to the sources” represents a true ode to the friendship that unites Man and dog.

This visual masterpiece emphasizes the construction of this ancestral relationship. At the beginning of this luxurious and exciting journey, the dog’s oldest needs are revealed, such as living in large green spaces, interacting with fellow creatures and living in packs.

Throughout the story, the narrator returns to the place where this beast lives in our modern societies. Now considered by many people to be a full -fledged member of the family, the dog has carved the mark of his foot on the human heart.

However, the lifestyles of our bipeds are not always in line with the basic needs of our loyal furry friends. Stress and unwanted behaviors can arise in some situations.

Article description: Ceva Santé Animale invites you to a moving

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“Working for a harmonious relationship between man and dog”

Ceva Animal Health thus laying the foundation of the new brand identity ADAPTIL® based on 2 basic elements: his deep knowledge of the dog’s needs and the evolution of his relationship with humans. ” By reaffirming its raison d’être, the laboratory confirms its desire to work every day for a harmonious relationship between humans and dogs. “, the group said in a press release.

Ready for a “Back to Basics”? So check out the video shared on the brand’s YouTube account ADAPTIL® !

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