We visited Emmanuel Macron’s Metaverse campaign in Minecraft

The presidential campaign comes… in Minecraft.

Posters carrying the image of Emmanuel Macron, French flags everywhere, and recaps of government actions? This is what you see on the server Minecraft Emmanuel Macron’s campaign. Republic on the Move campaign teams decided to be original and create a server specially dedicated to Emmanuel Macron’s campaign in Minecraftone of the most popular online games in the world.

The news was posted on March 29, 2022 on Twitter by Emmanuel Macron’s campaign group: a mysterious sequence of numbers, which became the name of the server. Minecraft.

This is not the first time Emmanuel Macron has tried to reclaim the vote of young voters. The president participated last year in a video with Youtubers McFly and Carlito. And this year it’s the game’s turn Minecraft to be used by presidential teams. Numerama went to the presidential campaign server, a true campaign metaverse. Here’s what we saw there.

And you, would you? // Source: Numeroma

A Marching Republic server

The server made us land in a small square, in the middle of which was a fountain, and underneath, what looked like a town hall. Nice weather, planes flying in the sky, there are French flags everywhere. Absolutely all NPCs (computer-generated characters) are dressed in suits and ties: the whole thing looks like a utopia on the right wing.

We visited Emmanuel Macron’s Metaverse campaign in Minecraft
No server is complete without a map in France, obviously // Source: Numerama

From the first seconds on the server, we were greeted by a large poster for Emmanuel Macron’s meeting to be organized on Saturday April 2 in Paris. A little more, by associating with “Jean”, one of the NPCs on the server, we learn that, “ thanks to the gas price freeze the government allowed the French to save money. Julie explained to us that “ the increase of 100 euros per month in allowance for disabled adults the government should have helped to include people with social disabilities.

We visited Emmanuel Macron’s Metaverse campaign in Minecraft
Jean explains everything the government has done for gas prices, apparently // Source: Numerama

Further, another poster representing Emmanuel Macron informs us that Youth with Macron has “ we like it very much “, and in the sky, a plane hoisted a flag with the campaign slogan:” with you “. Undoubtedly, we are in fact on a relatively old political server, and with a less subtle message: we need to vote for Emmanuel Macron.

The server is much larger, from what we can see: between the square, the official campaign HQ, a polling station, a hotel, and a convention center, many places can be explored. We haven’t been around the map yet.

We visited Emmanuel Macron’s Metaverse campaign in Minecraft
There are many photos of Emmanuel Macron on the Minecraft server // Source: Numerama

But other than walking around the various buildings, looking at a map of France, and trying to find all of Emmanuel Macron’s photos on the server (there are always), there’s not much you can do. However, the server seems to be very successful: many other people thrive with us in the middle of this unique universe. That’s why our first entry into the world of Emmanuel Macron was cut short due to a server crash. Democracy is not yet very supportive of many connections.

However, it’s unclear if the server will continue to be successful, or even if it will appeal to young people – because right now, most journalists are talking about this server more than real players.

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