Saints Row (2022): A GTA like unlimited customization

Game news Saints Row (2022): A GTA like unlimited customization

The main saga of Volition studios got a twist with an official reboot in August 2021. Soberly titled Saints Row, this open-world action-adventure game traces the origin and future of the craziest gang in North America. After a quick presentation of its concept and its specifics, this GTA-like retains its customization options… in all its forms.

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The empire style

The Saints Row franchise is always bent on offering players the most and more customization options possible, even if that means always falling short of the big 100% thought of anything. The Saints Row 2022 version pushes this game dimension to its peak by seeking no more or no less than “ultimate freedom”. When it comes to weapons, clothing, avatars, gang members and vehicles, the Volition title is full of creativity to allow the main interested parties to speak… the players.

The adventure of creating an avatar begins. If you can start from a preset to make your life easier, Saints Row strongly invites you to make the character editor your own and to release to create a Big Boss in your image (or not for that matter). Height, weight, morphology, face, skin, eyes, hair, teeth, prosthesis and of course gender… almost all customized. Note that players are not forced to choose between a man and a woman, and decide to give life to a hero without a definite sex.

The style of your character, and your crew by extension, also depends on the outfits you dare to wear and have, according to Volition studios, something for everyone. The artists have a day on the field and push sartorial eccentricities to the ultimate limits of (good) taste. Everything is allowed or almost if you dare to wander the streets of Santo Ileso. Among the hundreds (or more) of pants, tops, headgear, shoes, and even underwear, you have to choose. In the end, a sound and different celebrations can complete it personally and should not be in the desired style.

Gas, Barrel and House

Volunteer studios don’t seem to stop there and bring the point home by combining more customization options for everything related to weapons, cars and your residence. To cross the districts of Santo Ileso at full speed, All vehicles (cars, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, etc.) are available for sale and are more customizable to the point of remembering the many times of the Need for Speed ​​franchise. Let’s also not forget the game options that have a lot of “signature” abilities to evade law enforcement and this is just one example of another.

The shooting should not be overlooked and allow the imagination of the “pad guerrillas” to make the powder that speaks art and manners. DDozens of weapons, but not only, enhance your gang’s arsenal, an arsenal that can be modified to gain power and complete your Saints Row game strategy. It’s really possible to change the elements of the weapons, to change different materials and colors and even to open up “reference” styles … like El Mariachi for Antonio Banderas fans .

All that is left to do is to accommodate all these little people, your clothes, your cars and your weapons. To do this, Volunteer studios offer you the opportunity to build and then decorate a headquarters (or HQ) that suits you. This area, which symbolizes your ascent and your control of the city, allows you to manage your newly created crime empire, buying concessions (14 in total) to launch various businesses, and to manage your gang members. In a word like a hashtag, #BeYourOwnBoss.

Choose your destiny in Saints Row on August 23, 2022 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Pre-order Saints Row (2022) on Amazon

Saints Row (2022): A GTA like unlimited customization

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