Marseille. Odeon Theater. ‘A love story’ by Alexis Michalik. Laughter and tears of the heart in one piece led to the beating of the drum

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“A Love Story” © François Fonty

Justine and Katia love each other. Katia loves women. Justine prefers men and she has never slept with a woman. until the day they met. A baby carried by Katia will be born under artificial insemination from their warm and unexpected companionship. Then there is the separation Justine wants, Katia’s illness, her scheduled death, and the need for the anxious mother to shelter her twelve -year -old daughter Jeanne from loneliness and material need. It was William Markowicz, a writer by profession, and Katia’s brother who would take himself to take her to her homelessness where only the memory of Claire who died years ago, and who appeared to her remains. as a ghost of time. exchange, unusual dialogue.

Funny girl, this little Jeanne, is an avid reader at the age of 12 in … Kant, Eco, Zweig, Garcia Marquez, Tolstoy, Nabokov, Dostoyevsky, Colette, Charlotte Brontë, de Beauvoir, Gorki, Pushkin , Solzhenitsyn, but also books to his uncle, and kept a diary for many years. One of the happiest wacky moments in the game, the exchanges between William and Jeanne provide wonderful thoughts about the difficult and painful art of writing. And consider the beautiful moments of this game with the spinning game, like everything Alexis Michalik signed. Passing from one character to another, is always captured by the mediator of a duo, ” A love story “and the song” And yet by Aznavour is translated at the beginning and end by five actors in his fictional melting pot. Complementary actors, in which Clément Aubert took on the role played by Alexis Michalik in the same production held at the Théâtre de la Scala in Paris, on January 9, 2020.

“Love for joy and pain”

We think throughout this piece there is a breathless rhythm and where, as always with Michalik, the participants themselves move props from one place on stage to another, the dialogue between Belmondo and Deneuve who say the substance to the end of “ The Mississippi Mermaid »By François Truffaut more or less taken in the epilogue of his masterpiece« The last meter »:

You’re beautiful Elena, you’re so pretty sick to look at you.

- Yesterday, you said it was a joy! -It is a joy, and a suffering.

Because it is neither more nor less than “ A love story »Tragi-comedy whose entire text was published by Albin Michel, where we see elements of Intra Muros or« The bearer of the story »Two remarkable pieces by their author.

Parent-child relationships, what we know about others and what we hide from the eyes of our peers, many topics were raised in the end, with Michalik’s success writing a new thing in love, the most used subject in the world. . The distraction of this seemingly simple story that, like Sautet’s film, remains complex, easily accessible, never evil and is written in a language reminiscent of Nimier, Blondin, Déon, Marceau, the all literary hussars for whom writing must be elegant, courteous and never polished, in order to bring bursts of tears under indifferent giggles. Proof that Alexis Michalik, signatory of Edmond (5 Molières), is also author of the novel ” distance », The happy crazy fiction is a truly creative writer in one world and one language.


“A love story” by Alexis Michalik. Albin Michel 205 pages, € 12.

Game to be found at the Théâtre de l’Odéon. until Saturday April 23 at 8 p.m. and Sunday April 24 at 3 p.m. More information and reservations:

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