Marine Le Pen promotes an “adult” relationship with Africa, Achille Mbembe calls it beaten

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In a grandstand of Young AfricaCameroonian intellectual Achille Mbembe called to vote for Emmanuel Macron to “to oppose the project” of Marine Le Pen which he qualifies as “ racist “. The leader of the National Rally, for his part, published a forum to the many French-speaking and English-speaking media on the continent, to present his vision of relations between France and Africa.

It’s almost time… Three days before the second round of the presidential election, Marine Le Pen has finally given some indications of what his policy will be in Africa if he wins the election on Sunday 24 April. A project that is clearly different from its counterpart. The far right candidate says first of all that he does not want to register this relationship ” in a globalized multilateral framework “, but make” a mature relationship, based on consideration of facts and legitimate interests, begins the search for the stability of the continent “.

Strength and security, in his view, “ the situation for not in the development of Africa “. On the subject of the French military presence in the Sahel, Marine Le Pen confirmed that he wanted pause at his call “ deadly bog down “.

Marine Le Pen, advocate of non -interference

At the same time, the National Rally candidate advocated non -interference in the internal affairs of the States to stop what he considered to be “ diplomatic inconsistencies “.” France, he writesnot at the same time accept the institutional situation created Chad after the death of President Idriss Débywhile Assimi Goita condemned Mali and recognized Colonel Damiba’s junta in Burkina Faso “.

Promoting the Francophonie, changing France’s cooperation policy, these are the axes of its policy. The far right candidate, who “ rejects baseless remorse and nostalgia for the past “, apparently developed the question of the CFA franc. Very critical of this currency in 2017, he sees it now” a guarantee of stability for the economies of the franc zone “. As a result, if he is elected, it can be African States to decide whether they want to continue this monetary cooperation with France “.

In this text sent to various media on the continent, Marine Le Pen does not discuss the relationship of the continent from the angle of migration. But this is the central part of his program. The far right candidate wants to stop immigration from the continent. To do this, it proposed a whole set of radical measures: ending jus soli, abolishing family unity, limiting the right to asylum, hardening access to French nationality. And, more than that, the national desire to give priority to the French in terms of housing, employment and social benefits.

Facing countries refusing to accept their nationalities expelled from France, Marine Le Pen expressed the threat last week. “ Things can be very clearhe said on April 15 on BFM TV, as long as they don’t just accept the remission of people who don’t want our territory, it’s gone: no more visas, no more development aid, no more money transfers. , the leaders of these countries no longer have the capacity to own ours “.

“Bar that path to constitutional racism “

Cameroonian historian and political scientist Achille Mbembe, close to Emmanuel Macron, thought of this project “ bad behavior “. He finds it inspiring from apartheid laws enforced in South Africa “. Under these conditions, abstention cannot, in his view, be an option.

How, on the morning of April 25, can abstentionist action protect us who have been hit by the “disaster of color” from Lepenist anger? », he asked before calling for change, “ no doubt “, the outgoing president.” Besides being able to afford the luxury of voluntary blindness, wrote the intellectualthe one and only way to block the path of constitutional racism in France right now is to vote for Emmanuel Macron “.

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