Killed after 10 years in a toxic relationship

A mother of five young children caught in a toxic relationship for 10 years was allegedly murdered by her ex -husband on Monday in Lanaudière, bringing the number of female domestic homicide victims to 15 this year.

“No one deserves to die for femicide like my daughter. I cried all day. I no longer understand. It doesn’t fit in my head that he was the victim of that, ”Nathaly Bherer said with emotion, reaching the phone Tuesday night.

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Her 32-year-old daughter, Andréanne Ouellet, was killed in Saint-Donat by her ex-partner, according to our information. It was a 36-year-old man, according to our sources. The victim’s children would not have witnessed their mother’s murder.

“We never approve of their relationship. It’s poisonous. No happy ending is possible. We knew something was going to happen. Andréanne finally ended their relationship this summer. We thought he was good to start and we were relieved, but we know what happened on Monday, ”M. lamented.ME Bherer.

The grandmother of five grandchildren, all under the age of 10, said she suffered “double shock” when she learned of her daughter’s death.

On Tuesday morning, Sûreté du Québec (SQ) crimes against the man investigators first advised her that her son was likely to commit suicide.

A crime scene was set up around the residence where Andréanne Ouellet was found unconscious on Monday, in Saint-Donat.

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A crime scene was set up around the residence where Andréanne Ouellet was found unconscious on Monday, in Saint-Donat.

At 3 p.m., SQ finally informed Nathaly Bherer that Andréanne Ouellet had been the victim of the murder.

“At first, I was sad to learn that my daughter had ended her life. Afterwards, it quickly turned to anger knowing it was a feminicide. No one should leave like this. I fell from the clouds, ”said M.ME Bherer.

Listen to Philippe-Vincent Foisy’s interview with Audrey Gagnon, journalist for TVA Nouvelles, on QUB radio:

The latter was said to have screamed when he saw the news of his daughter’s death on TV later in the day.

Nathaly Bherer agreed to speak to Log for he wanted above all that the death of his son should alarm the government. She is asking for more resources for women who have experienced domestic violence like her daughter.

“My daughter has experienced verbal abuse, yes. She needs help. She is also a proud person. She needs resources to help her father her children, but she has not been found,” the grandmother criticized. .

He admitted that Andréanne Ouellet suffers from mental health problems.

Listen The Dutrizac-Dumont Meeting on QUB radio:

“They also have a problem with the DPJ. We’ve had swords in our heads for a long time and we know something is going to happen. Now the big blow, ”he dropped.

About 24 hours after the crime, Andréanne Ouellet’s ex -spouse was arrested by police.

He is expected to appear in court in Joliette on Wednesday.

– With Maxime Deland, QMI Agency


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