it was this life change that brought them back

Be sure to by joining Love is in the pasture, Pierre and Frédérique had hope, but they never imagined their dream would come true. In fact, ten years later, they are still happy and still admired by the audience. Even years later, fans continue to follow them. And they haven’t finished surprising us yet. In fact, during an interview, they revealed the big change they will make in their lives. We’ll let you know what it’s all about!

Love is in the pasture: what will happen to one of the star couples in the program?

We can say that this is an old couple of Love is in the pasture, since their participation began in 2012 during the seventh season of the program. Of course, Karine Le Marchand is in charge of the show and, like the public, she also loves this duo. Since then, they are still as close as ever and they welcome a boy who bears the sweet name of Gabriel. We were lucky to hear from them, as they were very kind in answering questions from reporters on the site. Blue France. In fact, discovering new projects by farmers. They have opened up about their new life since their time on the show. Love is in the pasture.

Still in love like the first day

We are young and beautiful“, said Frédérique, reviewing photos of his meeting with Pierre during the program Love is in the pasture. Today, they are still a beautiful couple, but more than that, they are very popular and adored by the public. Sure that’s when we make the decision to join Love is in the pasture, we want to change our daily lives, but we can’t imagine how much! In fact, love, but also media coverage, has disrupted their daily lives.

Frédérique remembers some anecdotes, especially at the time he was known in the restrooms of a service station. ” I was in the bathroom, someone knocked on my door. I was asked if I was the girl on TV, if Karine Lemarchand was kind“, He explained. And that’s not the only funny story he can tell us. For example, at an agricultural show, lovers experience a funny scene with a famous television host. ” A friend told Michel Drucker to go to our stand. So we took a three-way photo with him. This time, a woman passed by and told us that she worshiped us. He asked Michel Drucker to take our photo with him. Someone told him that Michel Drucker was still there. But he said we seemed like he wanted to be together, so he took a picture of us. We found it very funny.“, Remember the former candidates of Love is in the pasture.

Love is in the pasture : fairy tales exist!

Of course, some participants in reality games prefer to regain their freedom and be anonymous. But this was not the case with Frédérique and Pierre. from Love is in the pasture, This is joy. ” We don’t do that if we’re good at our sneakersFrederique admitted. So, it gives us a kind of bandage to have a lot of recognition, love, and so on. For ten years, it never stopped, but people were fine. »

In fact, they are lucky to have found good Internet users and we hope it lasts. Whether you’re famous on social networks, double or no! Besides, the good news that awaits fans is the lovers of Love is in the pasture write their love story in black and white. Dear readers ofObjekowe’ll let you know about the release of their book, but it doesn’t have to take long!

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