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Ion Hazzikostas answered questions from HazelNuttyGames about Dragonflight. Might, Talents, Renown, Dragonflight, Houses, and Mythic+ are included. Find the most interesting information below.


  • Dragonflight there are fewer specific power systems, in response to player feedback, with the talent system refinement replacing the customization and flexibility that players previously saw in systems such as the Covenants.
  • There are no dragonflight -specific abilities in this expansion.
  • The talent system will expand further in future expansions, though as in the past, this will likely only be possible for more than a few expansions – that’s a future issue.
  • That’s not to say that Specific Power disappears forever-even class equipment and sets are a form of power that is constantly replaced or dropped by players when a new level or expansion hits. . , and developers don’t want to close the door completely on. the idea of ​​patch -specific theme systems.


  • The developers didn’t plan the stories to be similar shadows/Legion with Dragonflightwith this customization available to the talent system.
  • A unique story like the Sylvanas arc can always be added if the theme lends itself to it.
  • The team wants to use the talent trees before Alpha, so players can start browsing and sharing their feedback.


  • The reputation hasn’t changed much since 2005, and little is known about how the honor will be earned and what rewards will be available.
  • Renown addresses many of these issues, providing a more fluid and elegant version of measured and consistent progress, identifying visible goals that players can achieve at their own pace.
  • Finding Renown doesn’t have to happen through a structured weekly search like shadowsbut through more open goals.
  • There are cosmetics and available equipment for outdoor players that are not Mythic + or raiding, but have no power other than what is available elsewhere.

Dragon Ride

  • Dracthyrs have access to a base form of dragonflying using their own wings, but the ‘enhanced versions available to players via dragonflying’ will require the use of a dragon companion.
  • It also allows Dracthyrs to have a dragon companion like all other races, and all the visual customizations that come with that.
  • Dracthyrs who use dragon-riding will use their humanoid form, because ‘a dragon-riding dragon is unique’.
  • Dracthyrs can fly outside of dragon islands without mountains, but it seems like an improved form of glide rather than actual flying.
  • Dragonflight is not intended to reduce the function or number of regular mounts – Dragon Islands has many new mounts available to players.
  • Dragonflight will not replace regular mounts, but is available for covering long distances or going to hard-to-reach areas, while regular riders will still use the existing mountain collection.
  • The upgrades you get over time will help you reach higher areas or get back to town immediately.
  • Movement and accessibility disorders are the central concerns tested internally.
  • Players with negative effects should be able to adjust the camera controls and disable some effects in order to use the system.


  • Player housing is a huge project that may require several expansions to reach the level demanded and appropriate by the players.
  • ‘It costs a raid tier’ is quite true: the Garrison of Warlords of Draenor limited to the Alliance and Horde versions due to the amount of time and resources required to make the differences.
  • The developers understand that many players are interested in this aspect, and there is always an interest in the development team, but it is a big project that is hard to put together.


  • Season 4 on shadows is a preview of Mythic+ for Dragonflightwith different dungeons each season.
  • Dragonflight will offer 8 dungeons to launch, with Mythic+ Season 1 offering 4 dungeons to Dragonflight and 4 dungeons from previous expansions (probably not shadows for very recently).
  • Season 2 will continue with another 4 dungeons Dragonflight and 4 more ancient dungeons.
  • The goal is to keep things new every season rather than replaying the same dungeons and getting the same things for 18 months.


  • The exact numbers have yet to be determined, but Dracthyrs are a middle class unlike the Hunters of the higher range, something between 25 and 30. The spellings in the direction are likely to have (high) which is standard, but abilities such as breathing are likely to be shorter. The idea is that the attacks don’t have to be adjusted to accommodate them.
  • Archeology takes work. The developers are not satisfied with this one. Although collecting artifacts and exploring history have the theme of exploring dragon islands, the Archeology excavation mini-game is not planned. The team wants to find something better to do with it in the future.
  • There is a new salvo of combat pets to tame, capture and add to your collection, as well as new outdoor challenges, but nothing ‘special’ is planned for Dragonflight. The developers want to improve PvP, with the idea of ​​‘offline’ offensive and defensive teams similar to mobile games, because one of the current challenges is getting enough players to line up at the same time. Currently, this event is less accessible to new players. It will be interesting to improve, but other things have priority right now.

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