his life without basketball, his love of Los Angeles, and the “worst time” with the Lakers … interview with Magic Johnson

Earvin “Magic Johnson” gave a unique interview to RMC Sport on Wednesday on the sidelines of the release of the documentary “They Call Me Magic” dedicated to his life and career on the Apple TV + platform on April 22. The man having five championship titles the Los Angeles Lakers especially told what his life would have been like without basketball and his incredible performances on the NBA floor. The opportunity is also for those approaching their 63rd birthday to judge the performance of the current team with the trio they comprise of Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James.

Mr. Johnson, first of all, who are we talking about today? Earvin or Magic?

“Both (he laughs). Depends on the questions.”

What would Earvin’s life have been like without Magic?

That’s a nice question. I think Earvin was probably a brave man at work. He is still married to Cookie (his wife since 1991, editor’s note). Maybe he has a typical job between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. He may work at General Motors. My whole family worked at General Motors, that’s what my siblings did like my father used to. I’m sure I did the same and I’m still in Michigan today.

Let’s go back to 1979, the year you were first drafted in the NBA after a coin toss between the Bulls and Lakers. Do you have a preference between one or the other of the two franchises?

No, but I was just happy to land in Los Angeles because of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The Lakers have a better team while the Bulls are not a title contender or even a playoff team.

The Lakers used to be, and they have the best player in the league in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. I crossed my fingers hoping they got the first option. I’ve always wanted to go to Los Angeles to watch town finish with the Lakers…

I have a good style of playing in Hollywood and playing with Kareem and the Lakers. I’m glad I ended up there. I don’t think I would have had the same success if I had joined the Chicago Bulls. I could have won a Bulls title but I wasn’t as successful as the Lakers.

The Lakers are probably the most iconic team in the NBA with iconic players. What do you think will remain in the history of the current team with LeBron James? The title won during the health bubble or the embarrassing season of 2021-2022?

I think LeBron brought us a league title. So he did his job for the Lakers. He also had a great season this year but sadly the Lakers team didn’t have a good season. However, we can’t blame LeBron for his good game. And even at 37. We have to get up because that’s probably the worst season for the Lakers.

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Ever since I played for the Lakers I think this has been the worst season I’ve seen. Especially if you have Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James and we haven’t made it to the playoffs yet. These three men are the future Hall of Famers. We have to go back, much better. Since we don’t have a coach yet, we need to appoint a new coach and hopefully they can change things.

So when I think about this documentary series with my partner Apple TV +, I can really tell the Lakers story at some point and show how we won five league titles. This is how we became an iconic franchise and brand. It starts with “Showtime Lakers” and you can see it in this documentary.

Stephen Brun with RMC Sport

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