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Electronic Arts gave us an appointment today for the presentation of F1 2022. The giant has unveiled the new official Formula One game and the least we can say is that it is even more stingy with information.

The beginning of a new era

F1 22 reveals itself in a short teaser. The title will offer 20 drivers for the 2022 season as well as all calendar tracks, including the new Miami circuit.

The new regulations imposed many changes on the cars and the studio further changed its physics. The game will offer many new features this year such as adaptive AI, local split-screen multiplayer and VR compatibility on the PC.

Enter the new era of Formula 1® with EA SPORTS ™ F1 22, the official video game of the FIA ​​Formula One World Championship 2022. Start a new season behind the wheel of modified cars , take advantage of the latest race-changing rules, test your skills at the new Miami International Speedway and experience the glitz and glamor of F1 Life.

Rumors about the “F1 Life” mode have also been confirmed and it is therefore possible to consider collecting it in supercars and luxury accessories through a customizable Hub. Items can be obtained by playing, via Podium Pass or at the game shop.

See you in July

This new opus will be released on July 1. It will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but also on Xbox Series X | S and PS5. However, we don’t yet know if the game will be compatible with cross-play.

Pre-orders are open, but beware, the title comes in two different versions on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and does not seem to be compatible with Smart Delivery. To get both versions, you have to resort to the F1 22 Champions Edition.

> Pre-order the Xbox One version

> Pre-order the Xbox Series X | S version

Codemasters and Electronic Arts kicked off a new season in Formula 1® today with the announcement of EA SPORTS F1 22, released worldwide on Friday, July 1. Players will be able to prepare for biggest chaos at the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship in more than a decade, which will take place in new hybrid cars, while unseen rules reimagine the weekend race with the inclusion of F1® Sprint races. Thanks to a more competitive and unpredictable selection, players will be able to test their skills throughout the 2022 calendar, including at the International Autodrome for the inauguration of the Miami Grand Prix. Also recently, players will be able to enter the prestigious world of Formula 1® thanks to F1® Life, a customizable hub where they can showcase their collection of supercars, clothing and accessories, acquired while playing, via the Podium Pass. and in-game Players can pre-order the Champions Edition which includes three days early access and a limited time Miami-inspired content pack* today.

“We look forward to introducing our players to the new era of Formula 1®,” said Lee Mather, Senior Creative Director of F1® at Codemasters. “In addition to the real-world changes, we updated the physics to reflect the new rules of aero and changed the wheel pattern, making handling more realistic in reality. with new and updated tracks, adaptive AI, F1® Life and expanded game options, it’s the right time for players to sit in their seats and experience the life of a real F1® driver. »

Race Day Redefined allows players to customize their setting using new Immersive and Broadcast options that affect Formation Laps, Safety Car, and Pit Stops. By choosing the Immersive option, players will face challenges, which can either reward or punish them, and thus make a difference on the podium. The broadcast takes the pressure off, with controlled and realistic cutcenes that bring players closer to the action. For the most immersive F1® experience, new PC VR functionality by the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive allows players to experience the story from inside the cockpit.

For new players, the new adaptive AI allows less experienced players to stay competitive in each race by adapting the player’s level. Faster menus and management are also back to help players move around quickly without having to understand the intricacies of the game. Modernized training programs offer added diversity with new scoring systems and on-track visualizations to allow players to negotiate every corner to perfection before racing for the most important events. championship points.

F1 22 also brings improvements to existing features, including My Stable, which allows players to choose their starting budget based on three entry points: Newcomer, Challenger, and Front Runner. The game adds real-time updates on circuits in Australia, Spain and Abu Dhabi to keep up with the latest changes.

F1 22 also offers the popular racing mode, which has been in the game for 10 years and is recognized as critical, but is also a two -player option. Multiplayer mode is also back for epic races against drivers around the world.

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