The Court of Auditors pointed to the absence of National Education teachers

Continuing education, jury meetings, optional outings … For Elders on rue Cambon, absences are, for the most part, related to the functioning of the institution.

During the 5th wave, which suggested further difficulties in replacing National Education, the Court of Auditors published, on December 2, a report on “managing teacher losses”. The Elders pointed to the lack of National Education tools to accurately measure the phenomenon, and its inability, in fact, to ensure good governance. But most of all, the magistrates argued that a large proportion of the losses ”comes from the very action of national education», Especially in a forced continuous training that violates teaching hours.

In elementary school, the replacement of absent teachers is guaranteed at 80%. In college and high school, this rate even reaches 96%, but only for “high loss” (more than 15 days). Because short losses represent 2.5 million hours, of which only 500,000 were replaced, i.e. a fifth … The numbers are slightly degraded compared to 2017, the date of a previous Court report on the subject, with similar findings. A big change, however, in five years: families accept this situation shrinking, burned by the health crisis highlighting school difficulties in ensuring “continuing education” and bringing up the subject. to “teachers to quit”. These families “will no longer hesitate to participate in the responsibility of the State before the courts for lack of continuity of public service in Education ”says the Court of Auditors.

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As in 2017, it is the weight of the losses associated with the functioning of the education system that appears to be most unforgivable from the point of view of public opinion. This represents two-thirds of losses, against a third related to health or family problems. What is their reason? Early closure of establishments due to examinations, exam boards, optional outings and school trips, but above all the ongoing training of secondary teachers, unlike elementary school teachers. , occurs at the time of instruction.

A habit that is hard to abandon. The court recalled that teachers ’service obligations, calculated since 1950 per week, had long been limited to teaching assignments. The August 2014 decree extends these obligations to work preparation, student follow-up, orientation, but cannot be the subject of an estimated time sense. The Elders suggested that these other missions eventually be quantified and that continuing education, which has been mandatory since 2019, be included.

They recalled that the annual working hours of teachers varied from 540 hours for an aggregate to 972 for a school teacher, where the time set by a civil servant was set at 1607 hours. What to leavesufficient time slots so that absences due to the institution are not paid during teaching time», they stated. But “many teachers are not in favor of training especially outside of teaching time“, they added.

In general, the court considered that these losses had “an institutional factorrepresents more than a third of the cost of teacher loss (4 billion euros). These short losses are especially problematic because replacements are difficult to organize. It is recommended by the Sagesa strengthening of the rights of school principals, by allowing them to take an annual quota of shift hours, which are included in the service obligations of teachers“.

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Faced with the difficulty of a system of work organized weekly, the Court of Auditors reiterated, as usual, its recommendation to “years»The time to work with teachers, but also to develop their«bivalence(the teaching of two disciplines). Two topics remain banned as they raise criticism from the teaching world.

Through this report, the Court of Auditors recommended, in principle, that teachers work more, in addition to their calculated teaching time. But in an organized and fair structure. During a health crisis,the differences between some teachers who are overly motivated and don’t count their hours and others who don’t know how to keep in touch with their students show clearly.“, he observes. More than Covid, he believes that”work intensity“must”appreciated“and his”shortage»,«allowed“. Illusion?

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