Presidential: at school, Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron will be separated

Posted Apr 20, 2022, 3:00 PM

They make this, one and the other, a topic of their program. For Emmanuel Macron like Marine Le Pen, education should be “a priority”. Both candidates want to emphasize basic knowledge, divide classes, upgrade teachers, prioritize student guidance out of college and bring the school closer to the world of work. But the similarity stops with words. The two projects are very different.

The outgoing president wants to open the school to the community, by putting “on the table the mayors, the teachers, the associations that do the extracurricular, the parents of the students”. The school “cannot operate in the same way in the center of Amiens, in the northern districts of Marseilles and in Clichy-sous-Bois”, he pleaded.

Emphasize basic knowledge

Marine Le Pen accused him of wanting to “destroy French national education”. He wants to refocus the school on requirements, eliminate “all bad lessons” – such as interdisciplinary practical lessons – and launch “a comprehensive project to capture the essence of the lessons. “as defined by law. French, math and history are central to the programs. Leaves, in elementary school, to “increase each school day by an hour to an hour and a half”, according to the candidate’s campaign group. We need “fewer lessons at home”.

Emmanuel Macron’s program also provides more French and elementary math, but there is no increase in class time for students. It is up to the teachers to arrange the timetable.

Classes are duplicate

With the doubling of classes, starting in 2017, Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday that he wants to “continue this work in the rest of elementary school, especially in college and high school”. He intends in particular “to put more way in the hinge class, the sixth and the second”, to avoid dropouts. This would translate, in the most difficult establishments, into the possibility of “hiring fewer students per class, with referent teachers or of providing themselves with more ways to support students who are invite “.

To achieve this, Emmanuel Macron wants to “give teachers more freedom to adapt methods and more freedom to school directors”. An education fund of 1 billion euros is intended to fund projects tailored to students. This will primarily benefit the poorest schools, in the sense of the experiment conducted in Marseille that Emmanuel Macron wanted to “generalize”.

Marine Le Pen uses the idea of ​​“dividing” the elementary classes, but for “all classes in the large section of kindergarten and CP”. From CE1, enrollment will be tied to 20 students. So doubling is no longer reserved for priority education. The candidate wants to eliminate all forms of positive discrimination. Priority education “creates discrimination between territories”, according to his campaign group, while “poverty is as strong in some rural areas as it is in some suburban districts”. In elementary like college, Marine Le Pen plans to wear a uniform. And announced “an unprecedented reversal of discipline”.

Bringing school closer to the world of work

In college, he made orientation a major subject, as did Emmanuel Macron. But Marine Le Pen will make the national patent diploma a post-third year orientation exam, while Emmanuel Macron bets on discovering businesses from the fifth year by denying the idea of ​​early orientation. In its program, existing technology instruction will be replaced, for all students from fifth to third year, by a mid -day “Future”, each week, consisting of digital lessons (coding) and manuals and technical – provided by teachers – as well as visits to companies, vocational colleges or intervention by professionals in establishments.

Marine Le Pen wants to “encourage young people to enter the job market early”. “Once the patent, we will return the letters of excellence to vocational training”, he insisted, announcing an increase in the salary of apprentices and work-study students from 200 to 300 euros. Emmanuel Macron wanted a broad reform of vocational high school, in the sense of what had been done for learning. Vocational high school students will go on multiple internships and will be paid by the State (200 euros per month under 18, 500 euros in advance).

For the general and technological high school, Emmanuel Macron has already stated that he wants to return to mathematics “for everyone”. Marine Le Pen has promised to “abolish” baccalaureate reform and restore the literary, scientific and economic sectors.

Different revaluation methods

Both candidates said they want to raise teachers ’salaries. Marine Le Pen is committed to a revaluation of 3% per year on the index grid, over five years, from primary to high school. The status of the teacher trainer will be “attractive and duely remunerated”, promises the candidate, who wants to eliminate the teacher training institute.

Emmanuel Macron does not want a “homogeneous revaluation” of teachers. It offers “an agreement” to those willing to take on additional tasks (training outside of school hours, individual follow-up of students, strengthening family relationships, instead of left teachers). From 2023, this “pact” will be available to new teachers.

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