Perpignan: Thirty Ukrainian students returned to Vertefeuille school on Tuesday

The academic inspectorate has established a specific system with the City to welcome refugee schoolchildren who are not yet proficient in the French language. The goal is to get them into the mainstream classes as quickly as possible.

Back to school day this Tuesday, March 22 for the children of Ukrainian refugees in Perpignan. To allow for their schooling, the academic inspection opened two specific classes in the Vertefeuille du Moulin-à-Vent school group. In all, about thirty children are currently cared for there (19 in elementary and eleven in kindergarten). “Everything was so good this Tuesday morning. Everything was there. We let the parents stay in the beginning. There were no tears or cries. Everything was fine.”welcomed the deputy mayor in charge of Education, Sophie Blanc.

“These children are about fifty or more Ukrainian students of elementary, middle or high school age who, to date, have come to the department in an organized manner, introduced the director of services of the National Education department, Frédéric Fulgence. Because of their needs, we prioritize language workshops to provide them with the basics of French. The goal is to include them in regular classes as quickly as possible. ”

Specialist teachers and translators

To introduce young Ukrainians to the Molière language, the inspectorate mobilized specialized teachers to teach French to students who did not speak it, while the City provided two interpreters (one in elementary and one in kindergarten). . The Caisse des écoles, for its part, spends on school bags and supplies.

Beyond the language barrier, another problem that needs to be addressed with this specific support is related to the differences between the Ukrainian and French education systems. “There, for example, there is no kindergarten, but kindergartens. Young people also pass the baccalaureate earlier”, explains Frédéric Fulgence. This is why the system put in place at Vertefeuille should also make it possible to assess the level of students.

The oldest of Saint-Ex and Blum

For their part, older Ukrainian students will return to school this Thursday at the Saint-Exupéry college, adjacent to the Vertefeuille school group, or the Léon-Blum high school, which is also located not far from there. “Everything is centered in the Moulin-à-Vent district, because it is close to the residences where they live, describes Frédéric Fulgence. It avoids transportation problems and reassures them, which matters what they go through. ” Sophie Blanc agrees: “Those who live in the neighborhood go to school on foot. We give them guidance.” The City is also putting up a minibus, for those living far away, at a residence next to Maintenon college.

Twenty more children will be educated in the department

In addition to the fifty or more Ukrainian children to be educated in Perpignan, between 20 and 25 others also came. “separated” in the department. “It represents about 19 students educated in the first degree and three in the second”, Frédéric Fulgence details based on figures dated this Friday. However, for these students, the problem is different. “These are kids who have families in France or have already come here, explanation to the inspector. Some are already moving towards bilingualism. This is why we decided to include them directly in regular classes, with the support of the Academic Center for the Education of Newly Arrived Allophone Students (Casnav). I also mobilized the district inspectors concerned to let them know of the slightest concern. We have had positive feedback from the field. Everyone is in it. “

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