Metaverse: Shiba Inu (SHIB) has revealed its metaverse

The second memecoin the most well -known on the Internet reveals in his blog information about its metaverse and the earth system.

On the Shiba Inu ecosystem blog, you can learn more about the characteristics of the future metaverse and the various uses around it.

The Metaverse will “cover 100,595 land plots”, of which 36,431 will be opened and available for purchase during the intro phase of the Metaverse.

These 36,431 spaces will be located in one of four districts: Growth, Defense, Technology, and Currencies. There are four price levels: “silver fur” (0.2 ETH); “Gold tail” (0.3 ETH), “platinum paw” (0.5 ETH); and “diamond tooth” (1 ETH). The prices shown here are at their lowest and are likely to rise rapidly during secondary market sales, as seen on Decentraland or TheSandbox.

In English, to make your search easier:

– Tier 4 Silver Fur: 17,030 Lands

– Tier 3 Golden Tail: 7,356 Lands

– Tier 2 Platinum Paw: 5,714 Land

– Tier 1 Diamond Teeth: 2,024 Million

The first shocking element is the fact that investors have to pay ETH. The team defended this idea by researching a “neutral” currency that could be easily converted. stablecoins for developers, and also to avoid excessive speculation on the price of the native SHIBA token.

Among the great information, we can also note that The blockchain of Layers (level) 2 Shibarium will be used for developing the SHIB metaverse as well as stablecoin SHI.

Actually this blockchain is highly anticipated, currently Shiba is an ERC-20 token in the Ethereum blockchain. So SHIBA suffers from exorbitant gas bills that keep new institutional and retail investors on the sidelines. This is why many observers believe that Shibarium will be a game-changer for Shiba Inu, as it will improve network performance and make SHIB an important crypto asset.

Cryptocurrency has also been rising for some time, and may even experience a 24% increase.

In addition, landowners in the SHIB metaverse “can generate passive income, accumulate in-game resources, and generate rewards. »

SHIBs will be burned if land buyers change their plots.

shiba inu metaverse
source: blogshiba

Details of SHIBA’s land sale system

The bidding period will last 3 days (72 hours), and this is the first access to acquire some land lots, in a “fresh and undiscovered” world of Shib! “.

To access the initial 3 day event, participants must lock their LEASH or NFT Shiboshis via a newly created and easy-to-use in-app official tool website.

At the end of the event, the highest bidder will receive ownership of the land. The recognized owner will be able to hit the plot (s) when the timer expires.

There will be an exclusive second stage for the release of the round that will also allow LEASH and Shiboshi NFT holders to participate in another opportunity. You should always use locker LEASH / SHIBOSHI to participate. This is Holding event. This period lasts 7 days and starts immediately after the BID activity.

After the first 10 days (phase 1 and phase 2), the public sale will begin.

In this final step, everyone can buy the remaining usable land on the map, at a set price, and not have to lock their assets into the ecosystem.

controversy on twitter

The creator of Dogecoin, the biggest memecointo show the public his anger against this Shiba Inu metaverse.

You can read hers twitter : “ 100000 lands at 0.2-1 eth each => they have amassed another 100-300 million dollars on top of what they have already earned from making shiba.

I hope worth it. Good luck everyone. »

Shiba Inu Metaverse controversy
source: Twitter

In the end, it’s hard to know if this project is the start of a huge metaverse, or if it’s a way to recover a few hundred million quickly in an even more explosive crypto universe. As always, we advise you to invest with caution and have knowledge of the project and the risks around it.

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