Great Pam Shriver’s inappropriate relationship with 50-year-old coach Don Candy is a fierce lesson for athletes-Reuters

American tennis legend Pam Shriver became famous in 1978 after defeating the legendary Martina Navratilova at the US Open and eventually winning several individual titles during her career, which also saw a successful partnership with double in Czech.


But, behind all the glory, there’s a dark story that hasn’t been revealed until now, when Shriver came out and opened up about his troubled relationship with longtime coach Don Candy.

In an attempt to raise awareness of the dangers of romantic escapades in a professional environment, the American lawn tennis star last year cleaned up about her inappropriate relationship with a nearly 50-year-old Candy at a young age. age 17.

His reasons for avoiding talking about the questionable subject for many reasons, most understandable from a human point of view, created a sympathy for the younger self of the now 59-year-old.

In the late 1970s when Shriver was getting older, she began to develop feelings for her older coach despite the man who married Elaine Candy and admitted that she was starting to fall in love with the Australian.

Now, there are absolutely no two ways to know how Candy handled this dangerous situation from a moral point of view. As an old man, he should have warned young Shriver of inappropriate visual behavior and corrected him. However, life, obviously, is not very simple, and so the wrong business started.

The partnership lasted about 5 years before Shriver realized the impact of the irrelevant relationship with him and the toxic nature of blurring professional and personal lines that had a huge impact on his game.

After doubting the negative impact of ending the relationship with his coach on his tennis career, he finally decided to take a sabbatical from tennis and end the wrong relationship with Candy. Both professionally and personally.

He changed coaches in the early 1980s when he started working with Hank Harris and later Eric Riley. After Candy’s split, Shriver played some of the most successful tennis of his career winning 15 titles and holding an incredible victory rate of almost 80%. Even if he used Candy as a teaching consultant, there was no attempt to get the bond back, which he was grateful for.

The Baltimore star sheds light on the traumatic phase of her life because she now believes that the culture of silence around such situations needs to be broken and more people need to speak out to empower and protect the unknown. or aspiring athletes away from such hazards. which is in the world of sport.

Education, he believes, is the key factor in instilling an intrinsic change in customs that has been followed for many years to not allow any opportunity for young athletes to take advantage of in any way. , to staff or adult coaches.

“Our first and biggest obstacle is the culture of silence. If we want to protect the athletes of tomorrow, a lot of people have to talk about their stories. We’re talking about pitfalls that affect a lot, a lot of people. many people.The whole question should come out in the dark areas of the sport.But are the authorities willing to listen?

He believes the widespread problem needs to be addressed from an institutional perspective with the support of the ITF, WTA and ATP by instilling mandatory training and apprenticeship programs for veterans working with young people. And of course, the enforcement of strict codes and principles and reprimands for those who do not meet high moral and ethical standards.

Young athletes, he believes, also need to be educated and aware of the dangers that arise when the boundaries between personal and professional life are blurred, especially in the high-pressure world of the sport, which is elevated. to the growing media attention that seems to have endless reach. appetite.

Shriver urged the authorities to adopt a more careful and sensitive approach to any measures related to the careers of promising sportsmen and women who, in turn, will undoubtedly have a lot of personal impact. lives of athletes.

Teenagers are no strangers to mistakes and poor choices. In fact, it can be one of the things that makes the uncertain and confusing stage of youth beautiful and important in character building. Young men and women should have the freedom to walk their own way and explore life for what it is, but adults can relax a bit if the authorities work hard and try to strengthen. to trust as lights. of righteousness who are willing to go the extra mile to protect the innocence and dignity of the sons and daughters of millions of people who hold the purity and authenticity of sport in high regard.

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