Five questions to understand Love Is Blind, the reality TV phenomenon on Netflix

Funny, gentle, sometimes annoying, this dating show releases feelings on social networks. A look back at this new event-with indications of what to expect. But no spoiler.

After three weeks of unbearable suspense, the questions of millions of viewers have already been answered: “I do” is Damian? Did Jessica understand the idea that Barnett would never love her? Did that simple Mark finally open his eyes? If you don’t know who these people are and you don’t know what their problems are, you’ve missed the TV show that has been running social media for almost a month: love is blindan American reality television show made of Netflix.

The streaming giant released the tenth and final episode of this dating show on Thursday morning, after revealing the season of dribs and drabs in the month of February. The principle is as follows: 30 singles meet and chat without ever meeting. Meetings take place in “capsules”, small rooms separated by opaque walls. Candidates wear emotional bonds in these blind conversations, until they fall in love and make a commitment in their lives: they will only leave the capsules after they get married.

Encounter in the flesh occurs only after engagement. Then begins the second part of the adventure: there is a month left for six couples to form to get to know each other, discover each other, meet their in -laws, live together, before the wedding ceremony. Everyone moved to the same residence, to promote drama, jealousy and love triangles, loved by viewers of reality TV shows.

love is blind is the most-watched series on the platform in recent weeks, and a simple look at the hashtag #LoveIsBlind on Twitter shows the scale of the event: there are millions, worldwide , to discuss the program. The English -speaking press – including very severe Time Magazine, Guardian and different – multiply articles. Before you dive into it Turn on the riders during Instagram, here are some questions that will pop into your mind while watching the show.

“Isn’t it very loud there?”

It’s impossible not to be overwhelmed by the speed of the decision of candidates to commit to a lifetime. After three blind dates, participants make words that make each other cry – which they don’t hold back – and promise each other everlasting love. “In my life I have never spoken as much as I would have talked to her,” says Mark, for example, regarding Jessica, whom he has never met.

Some scenes of the capsules are unique. Marriage proposals were made on their knees, their voices trembling, their faces flowing with tears. They haven’t had 10 days into the game and still haven’t faced off.

Who are these people and how can they imagine a life with a complete stranger? First, while drinking: on love is blindwine glasses can be filled at any hour of the day.

Then, by accepting the traditional treatment reserved by reality TV producers for their guinea pig. In January 2019, Morgane Enselme rocked the web by speaking behind the scenes in this kind of program. This former candidate of Secret Story 5, finally released from its confidentiality clause, revealed in particular the effects of loneliness on the psyche of the candidates: all emotions were increased tenfold.

“Should love be blind when everyone is so beautiful?”

As the title of the program indicates – and as the duo of presenters repeated at will – love is blind Aim to answer the question “Is love blind?”. This is the general point of the concept: can the bonds woven between participants before they meet each other withstand the physical test? The questioning is sure to carry more weight if the candidates violate the rules a bit.

Because even if they didn’t know it at the time of the engagement, they didn’t expose themselves to any disappointment. The cast is similar to the people on a California beach: the women are athletes, the men are covered in muscle, and the perfect arrangement of the teeth shines white.

So we can’t know if true love is playing with the flesh envelope. yea love is blind to answer a question, it is instead the following: to what extent can we convince ourselves that we are in love with a stranger when the cameras put pressure on us?

“But why do I like it, really?”

There will come a time when you will inevitably have a hard time determining the satisfaction you will get from this view. with love is blind no revolutionary. Before him, many television programs staged blind encounters, Back to the merry-go-round! on Love is blind passeth This is my choice. For four years, M6 organized marriages between strangers Married at first sight.

However, love is blind attracted very much ahead of the circle of fans of the genre. Because the show presents all the elements that make salt a good reality TV show while avoiding (generally) falling into waste. Forget them Ch’tis and so on Marseilles: here, no fights, no insults to each other and everyone speaks the correct grammar. What unites amateurs and neophytes in the same program.

love is blind also surprises with the reality of some scenes. Like when one of the candidates, who was about to cry, confessed to her fiancé that her participation in the game could make her lose her job and reveal her weaknesses of vulnerability. Or that one finds himself completely confused by the discovery that his spouse is full of debts. Emotions always seemed sincere and participants were constantly reminded of the material contingencies of daily life. The anchor is actually completely absent from other products of the genre, allowing the viewer to identify the protagonists. It looks like a documentary on married life. Almost.

“Is he serious there Jessica?”

beverly hill there is Brenda. Newport Beach and Marissa. love is blind to Jessica. This 34-year-old salesman is at the center of one of the main intrigues … and the reactions of Internet users. Because he is the annoying candidate that everyone wants to hate. Armed with the shamelessness that reality TV allows its audiences, many on Twitter point to its unreasonable addiction to alcohol, its repeated drunkenness and the embarrassing situations it creates, as well as the roller coaster that he passed by his partner (we won’t tell you anything).

One order, in particular, frees up Internet users. The one where Jessica shared her (tenth) glass of wine with her dog, Payton, who greedily bit into the container before Jessica brought it to her mouth again. The reactions were that he had to explain himself to the press: “I haven’t done that yet; I won’t do it again”, he assured. Fun every week. I think I’m not comfortable. I don’t know why I did that. “

“But do they pay or not?”

Romantic vacation in Cancun, wedding dress, alliance: production at no cost. In any case, that’s what we believed, until one of the candidates asked her groom to help pay for her dress changes.

Participants from love is blind do they have to put their hands in the wallet to finance a grand wedding to a foreigner? The answer to this question can be found somewhere in the contracts signed by the candidates.

love is blind above all a trap. A trap where one starts to pass the time and where one spends four hours in a row. We know it’s just reality TV, but we can’t stop it: we laugh, we cry, we tremble with them. The expression “guilty pleasure” has never been more appropriate.

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