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Rebuilding the Love of Marriage is a remake that could have improved in quality compared to the original work, with the grains of madness it lacks, ensured by the always unstoppable British humor (providing 4 weddings and 1 funeral). But the whole story shows a laziness in writing and an obvious lack of creativity and ambition. from Dean Craig, who took his screenplay on happy burial (in addition to the American remake Panic at the grave).

So we attend the wedding of Hayley (Eleanor Tomlinson), who entrusts her brother Jack (Sam Claflin) to the care of her ex-Marc (Jack Farthing), who arrives suddenly and decides to sabotage the party by revealing the groom (Tiziano Caputo) had slept with him three weeks before the ceremony. But Jack has another plan in mind: finally confess his attraction to Dina (Olivia Munn), a friend of his sister whom he failed to kiss three years ago.

Eleanor Tomlinson and Jack Farthing before the drama

Supposed to give the attacker a powerful sleeping pill to calm him down, Jack sadly hands him over to Hayley’s “wife”, Bryan (Joel Fry), after some nasty brats decide to mix the first names of this table (and this table itself.). After a trial half of the film ended on a drama that miraculously caught our attention, another scenario was launched … with a new disposition of the guests, only to return immediately to boredom and misunderstanding.

It is therefore not a question of following the mental peregrinations of a visitor victim of an overflowing imagination, as in the original work, but rather of presenting the whims of fate with infinite possibilities. but only two versions of the food were cut through the film, while the other conjunctures were accelerated by one minutethat the director seems to have realized in the middle that he has forgotten the concept of the film and no longer has the time to develop it properly.

photo, Olivia MunnJack (Sam Claflin) and Dina (Olivia Munn)


Dean Craig’s film is a demanding comedy where the humor is as good as Jean-Marie Bigard’s sketches, and the protagonists are as thoughtful as Franky Vincent’s musical repertoire. False vaudevillian, almost all gags revolve around the male penislike this social guest camper Tim Key, who spends his time putting his baloches in place with insistence in front of other guests.

Without nuance, each character represents a valve or practical element of the scenario, such as Chaz (Allan Mustafa), the girlfriend of Jack’s hateful ex (curiously invited) complicated by the size of his machine, and talked about it when the camera had the misfortune to last more than three seconds on him. Not to mention the stupid girlfriend who confuses quills and penises, and develops her more serious comedies than a Franck Dubosc at his best. Olivia Munn’s character is Jack’s only goal, just as the bride’s ex is the only coked-up spoiler without it without a movie. .

photo, Freida PintoChaz (Allan Mustafa) the exhaust pipe complex and his abusive girlfriend Amanda (Freida Pinto)

Misunderstandings and mistakes can be frustrating, because they are completely avoidable. Dialogue and communication seem completely impossible between all of this characters with only two or three explanations to give to avoid misunderstanding. The constant embarrassment is not funny or burlesque, but invincible for the viewer who is especially annoyed with every mention of the phallus.

The futility of dialogues or even embarrassing situations is better than well-dressed comic book fountains, which can only be used if they are carefully crafted. Don’t just throw them in the audience’s face like cream pies to hopefully make them laugh, which they’re trying to do. Rebuilding the Love of Marriage for 1 hour 40 minutes, which is 100 minutes very long.

picture“dick dick dick DICK dick dick dick”


The game doesn’t help with the trembling and lackluster scenery. The camera shoots everything uninspired and can only rely on luxurious setting and natural light to maintain its aesthetic. Aside from a quick drone shot overlooking the city and a freeze frame, Dean Craig did not show any desire or intention to make films or to surprise his audience, perhaps through inexperience. .

Eleanor Tomlinson, promises to World Warheld there the opportunity to shine on the comedy register after his second role in The Diary of Georgia Nicholson. But like other casts that have stopped participating, He just offers a tight smile throughout the film and has even become the second character without much interest.if not to lug his poor brother (the real main character) to every corner of the castle where the reception was held.

picture“Not seen, not taken ok?”

Olivia Munn was also not seen to be able to revive her career after the failure The Predator and The Buddy Gamelike Freida Pinto that we have become accustomed to better acting Slumdog Millionaire and Planet of the Apes origin. Only Sam Claflin tries to avoid sinking by loudly bailing the ship with good humor.. But the film doesn’t get there anyway, because the conclusion isn’t satisfactory and convincing, because it’s just an ending among thousands of other possibilities.

We were also surprised by this anti-romantic result, that you can cheat on your fiancé as long as you don’t get caught (which is just luck), or just run like a headless chicken to seduce the coveted woman after she has been ignored all night. Finally, the positive message that is trying to be conveyed Rebuilding the Love of Marriage about creating opportunities for yourself and not allowing opportunity to lead your life, it’s so weak seems to describe a teen photo on instagram. A lot of sentimentality against the background of unrecognized adultery, you have to dare.

Rebuilding the Love of Marriage has been on Netflix since April 10, 2020.

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