Chez Mademoiselle Elliott, the new creperie with the character of Cormeilles

Élodie, 39, and Ludovic, 48, recently opened “Chez Mademoiselle Elliott” in Cormeilles (Eure). (© The Awakening of Pont-Audemer / EG)

To Miss Elliott? This is not the name of the manager, Elodie Leone, but that’s his dachshund. Adopted six years ago with her husband Ludovic Leone, the dog can be seen in front of the new restaurant Cormeilles (Eure), in cartoon style Ratatouille. “He’s our mascot, which also gave his name to my first company,” said Élodie Léone, 39. This founder of a tourist guide agency in Paris and Normandy has noticed that other entrepreneurs in Cormeilles have doggies.

People are quick to come to you when you have a dog! Elliott made everyone smile, he aroused a lot of emotions.

Elodie LeoneNew restaurateur in Cormeilles

Creperie and tea room

1er April 2022, the retraining couple opened theirs creperie and tea room in the former Croq’art café, still in front of the Gourmandises restaurant. The mother of Ludovic Léone who has lived for many years in Cormeilles, the Parisian couple spent the weekend there.

You can’t buy anything in real estate in Paris. We found a house in Saint-Pierre-de-Cormeilles in March 2020 and started living in it in December. Then we said we wanted to stay.

Elodie Leone

Enthusiastic about cooking, Élodie and Ludovic are already organizing dinners at their home in Paris. “We took advantage of Paris, soon it got tired, and then it was nice to see nature,” Ludovic thought. At 48, the former finance director of textiles and e-commerce trained at the school of crepe makers in Rennes, and his wife trained in hygiene and surgery.

Vegetarians are welcome

In addition to the menu, a galette and a crepe will be changed weekly. For example: sliced ​​free-range chicken leg, mushrooms, apples and cider sauce for € 14, and for dessert crepe like lemon meringue pie with blackcurrant sorbet for € 6.50. And in May, Chez Mademoiselle Elliott will launch one brunch on Sunday on reservation. The restaurant works with a cider producer in Moyaux, the Busnel distillery, a Cormeillais primeur and the Ferme des Gobettes.

Élodie Léone has been a vegetarian for ten years for ecology and animal welfare. Offering a vegetarian menu with meat as an option is considered. But the couple prefers to stay realistic by being together chicken and ham in its menu.

Normandy is never a nest for vegetarians! We realized it was shooting ourselves in the foot, we were a little ahead of our time. But a certain number of galettes are available in a vegetarian version!

Ludovic Leone

Even better, if vegetarians make a reservation when booking, the restaurant can plan a vegetable alternative to meat, such as Happyvore aiguillettes. “Tasty and the texture is similar to meat. I even think non -vegetarians like it, “Élodie said. Tasting evenings can be organized for the curious.

There will also be theme nights, including the first of the Woman and the Trump. Above, a 35 m studio2 will be “Nice room” to watch out for visitors. As for the tea room, it offers coffee, tea, hot cider, cakes… The restaurant will soon have a store selling items from local designers, “and maybe small second -hand items -mano “.

Videos: now available on Actu

Élodie and Ludovic Léone, parents of a three -month -old boy, concluded:

We want a place where people can meet, we want to be together. On the first day, Cormeillais brought us flowers and chocolates, very kind to us!

Elodie and Ludovic

29, rue de l’Abbaye sa Cormeilles. Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m., and Sunday to 3 or 4 p.m. Variable according to the season. Such. 02 77 73 01 74.

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