Your dog is suffering during a health crisis: advice from a dog trainer and behaviorist in Puy-de-Dôme

In the city but also in the countryside, the dog usually stays 80 to 90% of his time indoors. “That’s why the opportunity to go out is important for him, introduces Frédéric Arnault, teacher and smoke etiquette at Puy-de-Dôme. He has to interact, to run, to explore, to smell. However, during the imprisonment, always the opposite has happened. It was a period of retreat for them and for us. It may have added to the emotions of some. »

Simba knows how to take advantage of the lanyard to explore his surroundings.

Practices improved

The specialist, who also describes himself as a mediator, a lawyer or an interpreter between the animal and its owners, therefore leads the sessions to socialize with the dogs. With a very open mind: “While dogmas and prejudices remain, thoughts and actions change. In a few decades, we have gone from training to canine education to evolve today into communication. It is important to better understand your dog and integrate it into society. »

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Chanel proudly parked on the streets of Clermont-Ferrand.

Frédéric Arnault knows that restraint is better than fixing this thing: “Early on, it’s much better. Confrontation with the outside world allows the dog to better understand what’s around him. And to create an alchemy, a friendship with the master and his surroundings. »

Outings in the town or in the countryside are important

So he insisted on the importance of leaving the house with his dog. Take a walk around the neighborhood or get your car to enjoy nature. This week, Frédéric Arnault, for example, led an outing on the streets of Montferrand: to work on guiding and joining a group of dogs. But also to get them accustomed to the city and the many causes of stress. For example, Simba, Samos, Chanel and Raven wisely waited for the tram with their master and did not tremble upon its arrival: “the secret is to position them so they can see the train coming”.

Dogs are accustomed to seeing the tram coming or going.

Comfortable in his pads

But the first condition for all to be well remains the commitment of dog owners: “It’s a personal process. There is no instruction manual for the dog. I suggest stepping aside and leading to reflection and observation. Now, everything has to be fast. We didn’t have time to watch, we zapped. I brought equipment to observe and his dog was fine. This is the basis for a better understanding of it. This way he can be comfortable on his pads! »

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