Three months in prison for killing a dog, European Cup final tonight for Tango … What you need to know this morning

The farmer was sentenced to three months in prison for killing a dog with a shotgun in Sagonne in 2021

He was a regular at the Bourges criminal court. This Wednesday afternoon, a 61-year-old farmer was convicted, for the thirty-fifth time, of killing a hunter’s dog using a caliber 12. He was warned for, in Sagonne, July 7, 2021 , had a 12- gauge shotgun despite being prohibited by court order. But most of all he is suspected of killing a dog. Police found his body, in the field yard, with the effects of projectiles at the level of the thorax and a case that hit the underside of the animal’s body. He disappeared from his owner on July 6th.

A support meeting for Emmanuel Macron was organized Thursday in Bourges

Thursday, at 7 pm in the Salle du Moutet (rue Joseph-Aristide-Auxenfans) in Bourges, the support committee for candidate Emmanuel Macron organized a public meeting with the presence of several personalities : the Minister of Industry, Agnès Pannier- Runach; Deputy Françoise Dumas, President of the National Assembly’s Defense Committee; and MEP Irène Tolleret. Three deputies from Cher – Nadia Essayan, François Cormier -Bouligeon and Loïc Kervran – will also attend.


Murder of Samuel Paty: the professor’s family files a complaint against the State

The family of Samuel Paty, killed in October 2020, filed a complaint Wednesday with the Paris prosecutor’s office against the administration, which is found guilty of failing to protect the professor, their adviser Virginie Le announced. Roy of the AFP.

“Mistakes were made on the side of National Education and on the side of the Ministry of the Interior, if not for Samuel Paty he would have been saved,” said Me Le Roy, citing information from Liberation.

The complaint, of which the AFP has knowledge, focuses on violations of “failure to prevent a crime and not to help a person in danger” and targeted “several agents of the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of National Education ”who should know directly or indirectly about Samuel Paty’s situation.

After contamination with E.coli bacteria, the production of Buitoni pizzas was banned at a factory in northern France

The production of pizzas at a factory in Buitoni in northern France was banned, after several serious cases of contamination of children by the bacterium Escherichia coli and deaths, possibly linked to the consumption of these products, showed to local authorities.

The activity of “two factory pizza production lines” Buitoni de Caudry, a brand owned by the Swiss giant Nestlé, “stopped”, citing an order issued on April 1 in the prefecture of the North department.

This decision “follows two in -depth hygiene inspections” conducted on March 22 and 29 by departmental agents responsible for enforcing consumers ’rights, the AFP prefecture said.


Bourges Basket in the Eurocup final, this Thursday at the Prado

Led by seven points at the start of the final recovery and thirteen points in this one, Tango made a remarkable comeback against Galatasaray on Wednesday night under the encouragement of an Alix Duchet de Gala and author of three 3 -pts this final quarter will mark the season for Bourges Basket players.

The Bourges Basket will play in the final this Thursday at 8 p.m., at the Prado. Berruyères will face the Italian team in Venice. The game will stream live on

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