The beautiful singer Paolo Noël died at the age of 93

The beautiful singer and actor, Paolo Noël died Sunday morning at the age of 93. He has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for five years.

Recently admitted to palliative care, Paolo Noël left surrounded by his loved ones for life. He is survived by his wife, Diane Bolduc, their two children, Vanessa and Constantino, as well as three children from the first partnership, Johanne, Mario and Ginette.

“We didn’t know it, but he was suffering from inflammation of the prostate, which led to his bladder infection. It started attacking his kidneys, then there, slowly, he left, ”Constantino told To be necessary.

His death came as a comfort. “My mom said‘ I’ll pray for her, I want God to come to get her, ’” ‘Tino’ added.

“We found it funny that my dad left on Easter Day. We believe he didn’t do it like the others. He has to go one day when everyone can remember him, ”his son said with a laugh.

When asked to describe his relationship with his father, Tino replied that Mr. Noël ”said [l]since growing up, he has not been a child raising a man. However, he described him as a generous, attractive, funny and dreamy “famous man”, but with a strong personality.

“My father was a little thief. He didn’t live on his knees,” explained Tino, who saw him “” leave film sets because a director isn’t good with employees. ” wants injustice and he has found enough rip “, the world of show business.

Above all, he kept the unconditional love that bound his parents. “For my mother, love to death would separate us. He’s his hero, that’s all for him. Diane Bolduc has been his partner for over 55 years.

Prime Minister François Legault introduced the Twitter save “beautiful memories of this beautiful singer, of Toast and coffeeon Youth music hall and his difficult role in Omerta “.

In the show Everyone is talking about it, screenwriter and director Luc Dionne, who rubbed shoulders with Paolo Noël on the set ofOmertadescribes him as “a cabaret guy”, assuring that he is “never in bad shape” on a film set.

Lots of talent

Born in Montréal on March 4, 1929, Paolo Noël won a CKAC radio contest in 1948, thanks to a particularly successful imitation of French charm singer Tino Rossi. The following year, he made his cabaret debut, replacing the achievements of Rossi and the “prince of operetta”, Luis Mariano.

A fruitful career

He then joined traveling burlesque theater troupe Jean Grimaldi and recorded his first records, with titles ranging from blue flower song to odes to sea and boats, including Christian heritage.

After hosting movies on CKVL and Radio-Canada, he piloted Toast and coffee, The music hall young people and The tanners are from us in the Tele-Metropole.

In the 1960s, Paolo Noël remained present on the charts with pop-romantic hits such as I am still 20 years old hope The love of Blue. It offers a variety of weird titles, from Flouche, fuzzy, fuzzy, prout prout on Flipping, Flyingto be very successful.

Paolo Noël is also an actor, especially in TV series Omertà – The law of silence, where he played hitman. It can also be seen on the big screen risk to society, crooked fingers and My aunt Aline.

Mr. Noël also recounts his life in three volumes: Between love and hate. From orphanage to success; Between love and affection. Thus turning the wind, changing life and, recently, I was bitten by life and life was bitten by me.

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