Tech Enablo Company Announces Multi-Million Dollar Investment in Metaverse

Brisbane-based tech firm Enablo has opened up a multi-million dollar future investment in the business metaverse with a new division called Reality Labs.

Enablo’s Reality Labs will work closely with Meta’s Reality Labs to help businesses leverage the metaverse-leveraging cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies to unite people in a powerful suite of working tools and solutions.

CEO Daragh McGrath said the goal of focusing on the metaverse is to make the future of work more accessible to organizations.

“As one of the Workplace from Meta’s leading partners, we are proud to launch more than 200 organizations on the business communication platform,” McGrath said.

“Showing organizations how to improve communication, collaboration and connection between their distributed workers is what Enablo has always done.

“We have demonstrated success in delivering solutions through our partnerships with the workplace technology platforms Workplace, Asana and Google Workspace, so investing in our own set of products that build the functionality of these tools is huge. step. natural.

Nathan Bazley led the investment. He brings six years of experience in the field of immersive technologies, working with organizations such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and NBC Universal in the fields of augmented reality, virtual reality, virtual production and other real estate technologies. time.

Bazley said the opportunity to work with Enablo to bring workplace communications and conversations to the metaverse is one he can’t refuse.

“It’s no surprise that the way we work is changing now. With so many remote centers and most of our hybrid to some degree, it’s important that companies find better ways to unite partners, ”he said.

“Immersive technologies are built for the moment, and with exciting new hardware and technology capabilities in the universe, workers will no longer be tied to a webcam for communication. Enablo is the right team, which is facing the right problem at the right time.I am excited to have the opportunity to build this business division and lead it into an exciting future.

Bazley said there are many opportunities in the international B2B metaverse market for an entrant from Brisbane.

“Many of the first B2B metaverse products are now built by technology enthusiasts, for technology enthusiasts,” he said.

“I am focused on creating products and experiences for the new generation of leaders and their employees. Starting a digital workplace to connect with colleagues should be quick and fun. You don’t have to get lost feeling exhausted like all of us after a day of video conferencing. I see this as an evolution of internal communication.

Enablo Reality Labs will strengthen its team and product suite throughout the year, but its first customer is the company itself.

“We’ve always adopted the technology we’re selling, so we’re already starting to test new possibilities through the technologies we have now,” McGrath concludes.

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