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PARISVILLE. Jimmy and Katy-Anne have been a couple for almost three years. Nothing extraordinary, you might think. However, everyone has a sudden crush on lovebirds who both have intellectual disabilities (ID).

“I love my girlfriend who always has a nice smile, and she’s so cute! “said Jimmy.

“Jimmy is caring and has a good sense of humor! She took care of me, she was always kind and she wanted to know what I was doing, what I was doing, ”replied Katy-Anne, returning to praise her lover.

In the common area of ​​the Association of disabled people of the MRC of Bécancour Jimmy and Katy-Anne met, along with France Laquerre, director of the Association. Both attend workshops offered at the center four days a week. While Jimmy has regularly visited Parisville facilities for twenty years, Katy-Anne joined users about four years ago.

France Laquerre from the Association of Disabled Persons of the MRC of Bécancour.

From the beginning, Ms. Laquerre says the center team was quick to observe a particular and growing partnership between Jimmy and Katy-Anne. “Quietly, we saw these two getting to know each other and having fun at the activities. Jimmy had a loving look towards Katy-Anne, and Katy-Anne felt comfortable and strong, ”Ms. Laquerre revealed.

Love can exist between people living with ID, despite the prejudices that remain. “People are always surprised. Often the reaction is,” Huh! Can they be a couple? ” They also have libido, but sometimes families are not ready, ”France Laquerre said.

Their aspiration: a little life like everyone else’s

In the summer, Katy-Anne and Jimmy will celebrate their third anniversary. This is what they like: summer activities. “And also the recreational activities, what we call here mini-camps. This is what we like, because we’re allowed to be together,” Katy-Anne said.

Only in the center will they meet. This is why the team set up a small corner for them so they have a little privacy: “At lunch time, instead of having dinner with the other participants, we go to a room and we eat !, the youngster launched woman with joy. We take the opportunity to tell many jokes! »

In addition, the two admitted they wanted to have the opportunity to do a lot of activities together. While Jimmy likes to plan a little bike ride alone with his girlfriend, Katy-Anne likes to spend a Saturday night watching a movie with her boyfriend.

“They hope, little by little, to have their little life like everyone else! This is sometimes a big step for families; they are very protective, and that is normal, ”explains France Laquerre.

For let us not forget that they all have life apart from the center and its workshops. Katy-Anne has an invisible disability. Although she spent part of her schooling in the adapted class, she also participated in the regular cycle, accompanied by a special teacher. He only needed two subjects to get his high school diploma.

“He has a lot of talent, he has a lot of energy, France Laquerre assures. He did a special event to include the high school in Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets and he really enjoyed his experience. He told us that he wants to start school again and return to maturity. »

Jimmy has a more severe disability than his girlfriend. “But they are a wonderful couple! At first, we wondered if the differences would be too obvious, but no, they work together! I say to myself that they really bring each other ”, testified the director.

“Jimmy was very caring, he was a helpful young man, and who fought his hardships”, he continued. Before the pandemic, and for almost 8 years, Jimmy went to the Sûreté du Québec station to cut other small chores. Ms. believes. Laquerre that he can continue his activities next fall.

“What’s interesting to know is that it’s not done as a work association, but as a collaboration in a work environment so that police officers can learn to recognize intellectual disability, to they can learn to dissect. For me, major, because they always face each other, “concluded France Laquerre.

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