Love and Thunder, what will be remembered from the first trailer

After months of speculation, stolen set shots and rumors about the plot, Thor: Love and Thunder has finally got its trailer. Taika Waititi’s new film has a lot of surprises. We took stock.

The god of thunder will strike again, in theaters this summer. Still under the care of Taika Waititi, superhero camper Chris Hemsworth is about to face a new threat. Well almost, it looks like the superhero days are now behind him, at least in theory. Here are the sights and key elements of this first teaser Thor: Love and Thunder.

Thor goes through the fitness box

When we last saw Thor, his condition was serious. After Thanos’ defeat of Infinity War, the superhero fell into depression. Thus the audience discovers Fat Thor, which makes a huge impression in the dark rooms.

The strongest of the Avengers gets good resolutions Credits: Marvel

But now, with the Purple Titan being knocked out, it’s time for Thor to get back in shape. Thus he must regain his impressive size, just in time to face a new threat. Has he fully recovered? Hard to know right now.

The Asgardian of the Galaxy

on Infinity War, Thor crossed the streets with a Peter Quill and his crew. While the third installation of Guardians of the Galaxy is long overdue, viewers will clearly have a chance to see them on the big screen.

After the death of his brother, and almost everything he knew in Asgaard, Thor found himself in a new family. To the chagrin of Peter Quill, who did not see the arrival of the big man in his order very favorably. So we can still expect some tough exchanges between the two Chris, Hemsworth and Pratt.

Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth of Love and Thunder
From love to hate, there is only one step. Credits: Marvel

It could also be time for Marvel to prepare for the upcoming arrival Galaxy Guardians 3, currently filming. We know very little about this new adventure, other than the search for Gamora. completion Last game, Zoe Saldana’s character returns from the dead thanks to time travel. Apparently she hasn’t been dusty since the actress came out on set in volume 3.

Always rock’n’roll

After two very academic opus, Thor changed hands. Taika Waititi replaces Kenneth Branagh, who seeks to break the myth of the Nordic god to offer him a more crazy and rock’n’roll read again. A revival that has been well received by the public ever since Thor: Ragnarok give not less than $ 854 million at the box office when released.

Not surprisingly, Marvel has once again hired the director for the fourth season. A film that promises to be as crazy as the first, all of the rock classics from the 80s.

Bureaucracy in New Asgard?

Gone is Asgard, its inhabitants have taken refuge on Earth after the destruction of their planet. Thor at the same time surrenders his place as king, in favor of Valkyrie. We can also see the nature of the heart in a big meeting. We never know what it is all about, even if we can imagine that the sudden arrival of a new civilization on Earth will present some logistical problems.

Credits: Marvel

Directions to the house of Zeus

We know who will be the antagonist in the feature film, even if the latter has yet to show the tip of his nose. This is it Gorr: The Slayer of the Gods and he will camp with Christian Bale. The character, from the comic, was born on an unnamed planet whose inhabitants worship gods they have never seen before. When his family dies, he vows to kill his holy people who have done nothing to prevent this tragedy.

Russell Crowe Thor
Credits: Marvel

Thus he must cross the paths of Thor, but not only. He must also go in search of another Thunder god, this time from Greek mythology. Perhaps it was Zeus, seen in his imaginary lightning in his hands. A small statement if the encounter between the three protagonists promises alligators. Zeus is none other than Russell Crowe, who appears briefly in this first trailer.

love reconciliation

Since then Thor The world of darkness heart to take. His relationship with Jane Foster is over, with not much information about this breakup. Rejoice, the new movie will tell us more. After disappearing from the radar, Natalie Portman returns to the skin of the scientist and the “love interest” of the good old Thor.

Natalie Portman in Thor 4
Credits: Marvel

However, he has to give himself a little change because we see him wearing a mask reminiscent of a comic book character. This is Mighty Thor, which he will include for the occasion. The details of this change are currently secret, but we’ll learn more thanks to the next videos and trailers.

Thor: Love and Thunder for hitting our screens this summer. This is July 13 that lightning strikes us in the cinema. It remains to be seen if the result will live up to our expectations. Keep in mind that for the first time in its history, Marvel decided to play more time. Thor was actually the first superhero to have the rights to the fourth film. Captain America will meet the same fate, but without Chris Evans. Anthony Mackie will wear the costume, after his first steps in the series Falcon and the Winter Soldier at Disney+.

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