Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Love Story season 2

Already in 2003, handsome, wealthy and famous: before the Brangelinas, the Bennifers formed the first “power couple” of the 21st century. Several marriages and five children later – two for J.Lo, three for Ben Affleck – they dared to remake as much as they loved Hollywood: resurrected love with many scars, less naivety . The blockbuster is guaranteed.

If reconnecting with a former is like recycling, then Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are strong environmentalists. No more having to impress, exhausting excitement, covering up with other clothes, booking restaurant rooms; he and she know each other very well… Affleck is said to be behind the blowback.

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In “InStyle”, recently, the actor, nostalgic, expressed his admiration for Lopez, praising his professionalism, his talent, his enduring beauty. He would have flooded her with emails, letters; they treated each other on a vacation in his chalet in Montana, then at his home in Miami … Seventeen years of reflection, an unusual time frame for patching things up in a former companion, it was no longer water but a whole stream that flowed under old bridges.

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Ben Affleck, 48, has just emerged from his breakup with young and beautiful Cuban actress Ana de Armas. She presented it to her three children, and they shared a routine happily documented by the paparazzi in Los Angeles. Morning walk to the cat race, cup of coffee in hand, family shopping at the supermarket … Seems calm, peaceful, well -fitting despite the age difference. The romance didn’t last four seasons. Why go back to certain amounts? To be reassured.

Ben Affleck’s natural inclination hardly leads him to organic herbal teas. The man likes to drink, a lot; he went to several rehab centers, promised to quit, came back. Successes and drift, a complicated life. Before Ana de Armas, Affleck seemed happy with Lindsay Shookus, a fellow of her generation, producer of the satirical show “Saturday Night Live”. But now a 22-year-old girl, a model for “Playboy”, shows up in the frame, one night drinking when she was taken off a movie halfway. The story ends and a bloated Affleck returns to the clinic, assisted by his ex -wife, Jennifer Garner.

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When Ben got in touch again, J-Lo had just announced his separation from “A-Rod”

His sentimental life is like his career, replacing the good things and failures of Homeric. The forties are surprising. One thinks that “Will Hunting”, written with friend Matt Damon, will mark a remote hit, the script that will enter Hollywood. Pectorals swollen and bruised, hair cut back, Ben would make up the handsome boy par excellence. For him the monosyllabic responses and the chain hug scenes! However, a brain is hiding behind this little cow appearance. Affleck has directed several feature films and won an Oscar for best film in 2013 with “Argo”, a story of the release of hostages from the United States Embassy in Iran. The years without “J.Lo” were not in vain.

“J.Lo” – the definite nickname of the Latin star of the past decades – has also had its share of failures and breakdowns, some large, some less bright. When Ben returned, he had just announced his separation from “A-Rod”. One of the joys of commentators, in America, is to contract names and first names to give birth to some kind of brand. A-Rod is none other than the famous former New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Lopez and Affleck met in 2002 while filming ‘Trouble Love’

Four years of love between him and this mountain of muscles with a unique face, bulging cheekbones, Tipp-Ex teeth, a caricature of a polished cheater who nevertheless defeated Madonna, Kate Hudson or Cameron Diaz… they are getting married, second wedding for Alex, fourth for Jennifer. They pose together, happy to understand their children. A joint venture going on, each weighing in at several hundred million. And … boom! It is rumored that the betrayal of the former sportsman, previously condemned for using steroids, cannot be unrelated to breaking up the adventure. And J.Lo has little taste of loneliness. Reading Proust or drinking ice cream while crying in front of Netflix, is not his thing.

Am I Affleck? Why not! She loved him once, in the days of vain youth, when they were in their thirties, filled with glory, crushed by the media machine. Lopez and Affleck met in 2002 while filming “Trouble Loves.” At first, it was a friendly friendship. She is married to choreographer Cris Judd; him, at the end of the course with Gwyneth Paltrow. Slowly, the bodies approached. During the day, they are forced into the cinema to kiss; at night, they perfect the scenes, even if Affleck swears that nothing, forever, happened before Madame’s divorce … The rotary presses of the tabloids are hot, the photographers don’t miss a single duo moment, an explosive. mixture of ambition, of intimate drama, of will.

“Bennifer”, or the first contraction of the first two names of a star couple, before “Brangelina”

Ben’s father, an alcoholic, left home early. Jennifer grew up in the Bronx, a cohesive, poor family, which she left at age 18 to run for a dance audition. Both have already gone through abnormal success. He took out checks for 15 million dollars to participate in feature films – “Armageddon”, “Pearl Harbor” – in which chauvinist testosterone acts as a backdrop. It differentiates Lopez’s company’s revenue: sometimes bad, sometimes very good movies, like “Out of reach”, smelly but useful perfumes, albums, Latin hip-hop-r’n’b soup which was a hit … In the early 2000s, J.Lo was camping with the woman of the moment, the goal of all desires. He had been dating Puff Daddy for a long time before he showed his arm. It will warm you up by discovering her strong bellies. Exposing your navel is trendy. There is no obvious fat in Jennifer, who does not drink or smoke.

“Bennifer”, or the first contraction of the first two names of a star couple, before “Brangelina”. Jennifer and Ben dare it all. She agreed to show herself in the music video for the song “Jenny from the Block”. He looked at his handcuffs in front of a yacht, walking around as he waved in a gangster costume, laughing. A parody of their existence that seems less parodic. They showed themselves, pouring their feelings on the shiny paper. Ben swears he has found the perfect wife and mother. Lost them in Boston, Ben’s hometown, we retrieved them in Los Angeles or Savannah, a beautiful Georgia town where he owns a property. The release of “Amours troubles” in 2003 sparked the enthusiasm of the lovers. The film was crushed, cut, massacred by critics. The real Hollywood judge, the box office, completes the extermination of them. The flop is complete.

Affleck could lose $ 800,000 at the casino without a blindfold, gambling is flowing in his blood

If Lopez knew how to put things in perspective, Affleck would have a hard time digging up the garbage of ridicule that focused on him. But work worries should disappear as the wedding approaches. Date set, Harry Winston’s ring offer ($ 1.2 million), invitations issued, venue booked. Four days before the altar, a remarkable change: Jennifer and Ben postponed their wedding. Reason mentioned in a press release: excessive media attention. “We’re starting to feel like the spirit of what might be the best day of our lives can be compromised. A gentleman’s night at a strip club in Vancouver and every night games of poker or blackjack (can be lost). Affleck had $ 800,000 without a blindfold, gambling flowed in his blood) did not help strengthen the relationship.It has been written that Lopez can no longer tolerate a lazy groom waking up.The night cap and night owl are rare just together.

The baroque ensemble, the Bostonian and Latina from Puerto Rico, remained afloat for several months before last fall. In January 2004, “Bennifer” died. Everyone was quick to comfort themselves. She will have three children, Violet, Seraphina and Samuel, with the famous actress Jennifer Garner: her union with him, celebrated on the Caribbean coast, will last ten years. No scandals, mass every Sunday, school fairs. But, hiding inside, the demon is watching and nibbling on good resolutions. Or is it the boredom of a life that is so smooth? Ben Affleck fails the nanny, drinks a lot, withdraws, “squats” at the guest house. Divorce came, inevitably. Garner broke down.

The alliance can thrive. They are the same age; the kids are done, everyone has their failures, the thirst for recognition is quenched

As for the diva, J.Lo falls in love with one of her peers, the little New York crooner of Puerto Rican descent Marc Anthony, unknown in Europe but a star in South America. She agreed to step aside, work a little, to follow him on tour with their twins, Max and Emme. But the food was short -lived. Lopez wants to lead a team, sing, play, perform, in short, be there. Cracks will arise, which will continue to widen and end in divorce. Jennifer clarified that between the two serious stories, she needed a rebound man; the chosen one fills the void without entering the front of the room. Young dancer Casper Smart took the job, and then A-Rod joined …

Ben, he’s not satisfied with a supporting role. The alliance can thrive. They were the same age, which for a celebrity of Ben Affleck’s caliber was like dating a woman lying in bed; the kids are done, everyone has their failures, the thirst for recognition is quenched. This “Bennifer” season 2 opens with undoubted views, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, François Hollande and Ségolène Royal… Jenniben ”. One assurance: if they want to going on, Jennifer and Ben shouldn’t trigger the sequel to “Trouble Loves.” Not everything is possible.And that’s okay.

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