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They were the same class in the first year of elementary school, but at age 10, after the green school class, their friendship was sealed. Three decades later, this unchanging bond continued between Fanny Britt and Alexia Bürger, to the point that it became the center of their game. All things.

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Stephanie Morin

Stephanie Morin
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For writer Fanny Britt and director Alexia Bürger, friendship is an obvious theme. Their very first joint game, they decided to weave it in by not mentioning an anonymous or generic friendship, but by taking inspiration from their own history, by drawing this unique relationship that binds them together. .

To unravel their alter ego, they chose artists with whom they could identify themselves: Sophie Cadieux in the role of Brunette, Kathleen Fortin in Redhead. “We don’t want to work with old friends; The thing is very close to us, Alexia Bürger explained. A dream to be able to manage these two virtuoso performers. »


Sophie Cadieux (front) in the role of Brunette (Alexia Bürger), Kathleen Fortin in Rousse (Fanny Britt) in the play All things

Like Alexia Bürger and Fanny Britt, who spent their entire primary, secondary and college education together, Brunette and Redhead don’t have to tell each other everything to get along. They’re the same story, always collaborate on each other’s thoughts, can talk about anything and everything … and have an unconditional love for the film. Stand-by-Me. “We saw it immediately after its release in 1986; we were 11 years old, ”Fanny Britt recalled. The latter fell to the shy Wil Wheaton, while his companion was just looking at the Phoenix River. Several copies of the French version of this cult work by Rob Reiner put the text.

The art of staying alive in friendship

In adolescence, it was at the forefront of the film My Own Private Idaho that their friendship continued. Alexia hasn’t changed her mind about the Phoenix River; Fanny writes love letters in her diary for Keanu Reeves! “And I put together a list of the women he kissed,” the playwright laughed.


The conspiracy is seen between the two women.

It was also with them that they discovered a passion for theater at the end of high school. “We arrived in Quat’Sous, where we discovered contemporary theater and the amazing English texts being translated for the first time,” says Fanny Britt. I remember we worshiped individually Years, by Cindy Lou Johnson, played by Markita Boies, Alexia Bürger added. Threepenny has become the norm in our lives. »

It was so natural at this institution on avenue des Pins Est that the two designers chose to present their first joint creation. Granted, they’ve collaborated a few times over the past ten years – especially for game writing. Lisisdirected by TNM director and director, Lorraine Pintal -, but All things is the first truly theatrical project for both. “This is the first time I’ve had the privilege of directing and texting Fanny,” says Alexia Bürger. “If we don’t include the game I wrote in first secondary for the English class,” his accomplice added.

Does the act of having a text written by a quasi-sister have added pressure? “We have a relationship of trust with each other so great that it protects us in a way,” the director said.

In the beginning, of course, there was a real desire in me to impress him. This desire that he likes my text is a motivating force. And from the first reading, I felt like he understood what I meant.

Fanny Britt, about working with Alexia Bürger

“This text is very alive, it’s all there. The drawings are gathered, the colors overlap. It’s precious and unique, it’s unity,” said Alexia Bürger.

Fanny Britt immediately responded: “It would have been impossible for me to write this text for someone else. He turned to his friend: “I write like that because of you.” He continues: “Romantic love is often portrayed in fiction. It’s good that, for once, we’re celebrating friendship … ”

friendship without expectation

But what is friendship? The two creators questioned themselves several times during the development of this “more valuable” project. “In a way, the intimacy of friendship is greater than the intimacy of love. In friendship, we have a greater ability to go over our weakness, ”believes Alexia Bürger.

Fanny Britt continues: “A friend can give you insight when you need it. It is a relationship without expectations, a relationship that is free from all obligations. In our case, we did nothing special to maintain our friendship. He is the one who waters us. And those around us know that this space between us is sacred. »

The bedroom All things presented at the Théâtre de Quat’Sous until May 14.

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