danger alert, a serious security problem has been detected!

Google Chrome recently detected a new bug in its security system. The latest date is back in March, around the 23rd. But on April 14th, it was a new alert voice. Once again, this problem exposes users to hacking their personal data. And only one update can protect them. Without this urgent update, no one will be able to quantify the potential dangers to which billions of Google Chrome users are exposed. It is therefore necessary to intervene as soon as possible and Objeko brings you everything you need to know about this topic.

A new security error in Google Chrome has been detected

Many major media, some specialist and some not, convey this important information. Like his colleagues from the magazine Frandroidfrom the Journal Southern Information or even newspapers The Parisianthe columns ofObjeko alert some readers. In fact, an internet security breach is far from significant. There can be dire consequences for Internet users. In particular their personal data. Hacking, theft or even blackmail can happen. In addition, Google Chrome is used by billions of people around the world. It is therefore important to share this alert as quickly and as widely as possible. Because there is a solution to protect against this security breach. In fact, Google Chrome strongly encourages its users to update their browser to avoid the worst.

Over time, less and less of this kind of news, however frightening, can shock Internet users. It must be believed that software hacking professionals are getting faster and faster at finding faults in the most efficient systems. Fortunately, Internet users ’confidence in its search browsers is not to report a mistake that worries them. In fact, they know that experts in this field are more responsive. Google Chrome can’t afford, really, to lose a few billion users. Therefore, the data security of its users on the Internet is a priority.

Second urgent update in less than a month

If this is the second urgent update in a month for Google Chrome, you’ll find it makes sense. In fact, an initial error was detected by browser security services. The alert was sounded for hackers to fail to recover users ’personal data. But in an emergency, hackers were able to use the terror of Google and Internet users. They were able to damage the urgent recommended update, number 100.0.4896.127. It effectively fixes a critical security issue. But it is also likely to be exploited by the same hackers.

Since then, hackers have only been a few weeks away from trying to take advantage of the event and for Google Chrome to pay for their abuses. As of April 14, a new security breach has been announced and a new update is urgently needed. Our colleagues from the Belgian newspaper Southern Information also shows, like other media, that this security flaw is a so -called “zero day” “vulnerability”. Readers onObjeko it should be understood here that this is a vulnerability of which Google’s competent authorities are unaware. In fact, for a month, the Google Chrome browser was at risk enough for users of its services to ask serious questions.

Does this new security flaw in Google Chrome directly threaten the software? Is it in danger of losing billions of its users? What are the concrete dangers to which Internet users expose themselves? Will hackers still be involved in this new update? There are so many questions that only time can answer. In the meantime, caution is required and the smartest thing is to update your browser, despite the risk that history will repeat itself.

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