$ 500 million to attack the metaverse: how this esports giant wants to hit the jackpot

Ggwp! The service company metavers for everyoneInfinite Reality, has just made a big name in esports ReKT Global. The purchase price will amount to $ 470 million in the context of a claim by ownership of the shares. The platform offers tools for development within its metaverse can then throw property of ReKt Global. Among these properties are esports franchiseshis marketing and partnership servicesher digital talent management and his technology products.

Simply put, Infinite Reality is an entity that provides services to infrastructures ready to start in the metaverse. Its offer may also be related to independent creators only “whole government” as stated by the company itself. Infinite Reality builds on tool of the tomorrow world, metaverse content, based on data, smart contracts, witness, modesty, economic creator, in short, whatever goes. Let’s get ourselves off her list APIs also to serve for practical reasons, because their the list is high although very interesting.

Infinite Reality wants to see itself as leader of tomorrow’s metaverse. Their goal is to have a virtual world similar to the truth, where one can walk, talk and shop without hindrance. The company promises unique experiences with strong foundations that allow for example to change stores by walking within the metaverse such as changing websites. The 3.0 company will then get a share of its revenue through sales compensation to its customers within its metaverse.

At a recent conference where every part of their project was discussed, their CEO and co-founder John Acunto expresses a particularly strong attraction for esports scene.

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Why Global Rect?

Let us now consider the heart of the matter at stake acquisition of Rekt Global. Infinite Reality also offers its customers the sharing licenses. So, the wider its catalog, the more it has to offer graciousnesseach client will be able to use his or her assets for the construction and/or development of his or her metaverse.Rekt Global, for example, owns the property in Team Snape (competitive teams in League of legends, rocket league and rainbow 6 sieges) as well London Royals Raven (Call of Duty competition group). We know how fast the esports scene is progress and like cryptocurrencies, its future seems to be all planned by a main place within companies.

A roadmap to build

For now nothing is clearly revealed but it will not be included in future attendance e-sport competition in the metaverse. Infinity Reality think big and maybe even “very large. the value proposition lets dream and will be first (far) until now if the promises are fulfilled. However, the group has something to do a lot of capitalgiving it specificity legitimacy for his company, the cost of acquiring Rekt Global was enough to give an unmistakable impression of mastodon in the sector.

The sport of the metaverse will eventually be one logical sequence of the flow of the crypto pages returned and maybe just happen earlier than expected. Matud pa, failed to acquire Kcorp in the metaverse we can content ourselves with the Rogue team.

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