3 Metaverse Stocks For Your End-March 2022 Watchlist

Metaverse stocks have been a popular theme in the stock market for the past two years. Before going deeper, let’s understand what the metaverse is. In short, many believe that Metaverse is a virtual world with an immersive digital interactive experience. This is made possible through the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). In particular, many tech companies are already taking steps to gain a foothold in the metaverse.

For example, Break (NYSE: SNAP) recently announced the acquisition of NextMind, a neurotechnology company. It can be part of its efforts to help inspire long -term reality -augmented research efforts within the Snap Lab. In its current construction, NextMind has developed a non-invasive brain-computer interface technology that facilitates hands-free interaction using electronic devices. That’s why the addition of NextMind is expected to improve how Snap can serve the public through technology.

Aside from Snap, Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) also recently launched new features for the NVIDIA Omniverse. These features for game developers include updates for Omniverse Audio2Face ™, Omniverse Nucleus Cloud and Omniverse DeepSearch. Therefore, it is easier for game developers to share assets, sort asset libraries, collaborate, and deploy AI to animate character facial expressions for new games. With all that has been said and done, there is reason to believe that the Metaverse will eventually become part of our lives. So, let’s take a look at some of the top metaverse stocks in the stock market today.

As the name suggests, Metaplatforms a social technology company that envisions a future defined by the metaverse. Formerly known as Facebook, the company stands for family of applications that allow users to connect via mobile devices, personal computers and many other devices. Its apps include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. With the growing corporate focus on Metaverse, it is understandable that FB stock has always been under discussion to become one of the leading Metaverse stocks to watch.

On Thursday, Meta signed a partnership with VNTANA, an e-commerce technology company. The VNTANA integration will allow brands to upload 3D models of their products to Facebook and Instagram. In addition, it is also easy to modify these ads. Investors should also note that Meta has previously partnered with augmented reality (AR) companies Modiface and PerfectCorp. Overall, this move could be a stepping stone to Metaverse publicity.

Separately, Meta, along with Aqua Comms and Bulk Fiber Networks, also announced the completion of the construction of the Havhingsten submarine cable system. The cable system crossed the Irish Sea from North Dublin, Ireland, south to Blackpool, UK. This new route will provide robust network architecture options for businesses, carriers, and hyperscalers while maintaining the lowest possible latency. In short, it will bring greater connectivity throughout Europe and the Nordic countries. All things considered, do you think there is plenty of room for FB stock growth?

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Like Meta, Unity a company that is likely to play an important role in the Metaverse. For those who don’t know, the company offers a platform for creating and operating interactive three-dimensional content in real time. Its platform includes Create Solutions and Operate Solutions. This will allow customers to create, run and monetize their content on a variety of third-party content platforms. Like many other tech stocks, the U stock has been under pressure in recent months. Can things change soon?

Earlier this month, Unity announced a new partnership with Insomniac Events. With nearly 30 years of experience creating community-based experiences, Insomniac is likely to bring a whole new ongoing metaverse world to its fans. In addition, the partnership is likely to set a new pattern in live entertainment by delivering the next evolution of the Insomniac experience. As a result, companies can offer live virtual music performances regardless of their location.

In addition to this, Unity also recently released its Gaming Report 2022. The report provides a detailed overview of the state of the game while revealing player behaviors throughout the pandemic and detailing trends. According to data from Unity, it looks like the gaming industry could be future proof and sustainable. By 2021, the number of players will be at a much higher level than before the pandemic and the industry has also responded to the demand. On the scale, the number of games made with Unity increased by 93%. For these reasons, is it worth looking at U stock today?

The stock chart U
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Finally, we have another contender in metaverse space, Roblox. In detail, it is a technology company that operates on a platform of human co-experience. Through the Roblox platform, users can interact with each other to explore and enhance user-generated and 3D experiences. The company’s mission is to unite the world through play. Some might say that Roblox is a platform of the future, as it is now one of the leading online entertainment platforms. for those under 18. As such, RBLX stock is now trading more than 48% below its price at the beginning of the year. Is this an opportunity to buy dips?

Last week, Roblox released some key metrics for February 2022. Its revenue for the month is estimated at $ 204-207 million, a 60-63% year-over-year increase. Another important metric to keep in mind is that its daily active users have grown to 55.1 million, representing a 28% year-on-year increase. On the other hand, committed hours were 3.8 billion, an increase of 21% over the same period last year. Overall, these are encouraging numbers across the board that will motivate investors.

What’s more, we can see that Roblox has increased its presence in the metaverse recently. The company and sony (NYSE: SONY) has announced that musical artist 24kGoldn will hold a virtual concert on its user-generated content platform. The virtual concert will be available on the Roblox platform on March 25 at 4 pm PT. Well, that’s another sign that brands and artists are attracted to the company’s platform. So, do you consider the RBLX stock to be the best stock in the metaverse to look at today?

RBLX Stock
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