15 items to be taken from the movie trailer

Taika Waititi returned to direct the fourth season of the series Thorand if we believe this first trailer (which is definitely too long), Thor: Love and Thunder promises to be as sincere as it follows, Thor: Ragnarok. Here we bring you the best revelation and details to be taken from the first trailer, previously the film will be released in theaters on July 8.

1) thor reconnects with himself

Obviously it’s been a while since we’ve met Thor on Last game (This trailer debut proves it), but so does it that he did a great deal of scrutinyas he explains by expression “I need to know who I really am”.

2) thor continues training

In this trailer we see Thor rebuilding muscle, apparently working to reduce the weight he has gained. on Avengers: Last Game (which seems to go in the direction of the first point, a continuation of training after an introspection; a fresh start in a way). The shot where we see him training in a moss cave next to a giant skull reminds Luke of Dagobah. But Grogu was not on his side.

3) kalo ni thor

Now let’s look at the inscription on Thor’s hat. The latter is difficult to understand, but it can be written “Strongest Avenger”which is a fun reminder of the password scene Quinjet sa Ragnarok. Remember, on Thor: RagnarokThor tried to identify himself as the Quinjet pilot, but the software did not recognize him. So he will try “Thor”, “Thor son of Odin” or even “the strongest of the Avengers”, finally after reflection he will finally find the password which is “Point Break”. Thor will then fight Tony Stark.

Was it a comedy made by another Avenger (Bruce, perhaps?), Or was Thor doing it? We’ll find out next July..

4) movie soundtrack

We still have a chance to discover very good soundtrack with Thor: Love and Thunder (and the movies Thor we are usually accustomed to the song Sweet Baby of Me from Guns and roses.

5) thor and the guardians of the galaxy meet again

Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy met for the first time in Infinity War, and here we see them working together again. The trailer parts Lord star (Chris Pratt) Nebula (Karen Gillan) Mantis (Pom Klementieff), Groot (Vin Diesel), Kraglin (Sean Gunn), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) and Drax (Dave Bautista). The rivalry we know between Thor and Star-Lord is also well highlighted in this trailer.

6) korg and thor

The trailer also has another familiar face: Waititi himself is back on our screens. to translate the role of Korg. The latter, as well as Thor, also wore new clothes inspired by the 80s. Korg’s belt and Thor’s T-shirt, for their part, seems to represent Yggdrasil, a sacred tree in Norse mythology. Fans also pointed out that the space next to Thor was clearly empty. Marvel is used to it to edit its trailers to hide possible spoilers… Is there another secret character removed, next to Thor?

7) rare goats

An interesting detail that will never be forgotten: goats pulling the flying boat. It’s fun, and we look forward to no less next Thor: Love and Thunder. A little touch of ridicule in a world close to chaoswith Gorr’s kick.

8) Pirate movies have a bright future ahead of them

Waititi is no stranger like “pirate”for he recently starred and directed a comedy with the HBO pirates Max, titled Our Flag Means Death. The same thing he brought here vibes, and it was a real joy.

9) thor’s new costume

Let’s see the new costume by Thor in this trailerand the latter is bright, adorned with a beautiful red cloak.

10) and suddenly zeus appears

The kingdom of Asgard destroyed by Ragnarok, but this trailer reveals another unknown Golden Kingdom (but that could very well be Olympus). Usually we get a brief glimpse of a golden character, with a flash. This is Russell Crowe, proved to be Zeus, the Greek god. So far, however, we have yet to see Christian Bale as Gorr the Butcher God. We should continue to be a little skeptical on this subject, no doubt.

11) View of Falligar’s Corpse

During this trailer, we get a glimpse of, on a frozen planet, a giant creature that was (probably) killed. Thor and Korg are shown watching it, but do we have any idea who this creature is? Honestly, yes. It’s about Falligar, a powerful protective god who wins the Immortals Tournament. Falligar was a friend of Thor before Gorr killed the god as part of his cosmic rampage. This plate is taken directly from the comics Thor: God of Thunder #3 (by Jason Aaron, where Thor also finds the corpse of Falligar the Behemoth). Thor’s reaction to seeing the god’s corpse also shows that he is aware of his full power, and he understands the threat posed by a man strong enough to kill Falligar.

12) welcome to the new asgard

Asgardian refugees established a new kingdom on Earth, and this little town seems (very) prosperous. So is the tourism economy progressas evidence of a tourist bus located on the left and cruise ships, visible in the distance. New Asgard is the new Disneyland.

13) hari valkyrie

Thor had long since left the throne of the asgardians, and in her place, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) takes over. According to Marvel, his new official title is “King Valkyrie”, literally “King Valkyrie” in French, and the latter seems to meet people in the part of the trailer where he is seen. Also, on the right side of the same image, Miek and I met, Korg’s alien best friend, who looks so pretty in a suit and tie. Miek would have passed by of Sakaar gladiator status to the New Asgard government official. Great promotion!

14) mjolnir

Towards the end of the trailer Thor: Love and Thunderthe audience saw Mjolnir reforged fly in the air. Thor’s hammer is broken by his brother Hela on Thor: Ragnaroktearing it apart, but now like that Mjolnir can be reforged at some point during the events of his next solo film … Let’s see how it plays out.

15) the return of jane foster

Natalie Portman is back! As expected, her character (Jane Foster) uses Mjolnir himself, which comprises a new version of Thor. Taika Waititi once said that Thor: Love and Thunder happily inspired by Thor comics by screenwriter Jason Aaron and artist Russell Dauterman, in which Jane is revealed as the new worthy holder of Mjolnir. However, as we have learned on RagnarokJane and Thor never parted on good terms, after which Jane decided to break up. We can’t wait to see how these two go together.

And you, by your side, what do you think of this trailer? Do not hesitate to contact us feedback on this topic through our comments area ! And if you decide not to miss any news about Thor: Love and Thunderyou can find the official synopsis of the film right here, recently revealed by Marvel.

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