Your Next Job Interview Will Be In The Metaverse

Chennai: At your next job interview, prepare to walk into a virtual lobby, choose the avatar that best represents you, and step into a virtual stage to present your resume.
From in-person interviews to Zoom calls and now the Metaverse, the age-old recruitment process is going digital. While new-era Web3 startups are leading the change, some mainstream tech companies are also using AR / VR technology to conduct interviews, run awards and recognition programs, and engage join and unite internal teams.
The companies say it’s a way for newcomers to experience the technologies these companies have developed and also a more immersive and engaging way for them to reconnect socially afterwards. in 2 years working away.
Social metaverse startup Flam, for example, has launched OneAbove, a single walk-in metaverse recruitment platform. With all the features of a regular virtual call, the platform will bring a more immersive experience to make it interactive and engaging for potential employees. The interview will begin when the candidate clicks on the platform, enters it and selects their avatar that best represents them from over 45 options. They will be greeted by the HR manager in a virtual lobby, who will lead them to the stage to introduce themselves to the recruitment panel. Shortlisted candidates will then be called for an individual interview with department heads in other private rooms.
Built with an investment of approximately $ 50,000 and with a team of 25 people, the platform can accommodate a meeting of 50 people at the same time. Flam said it will recruit more than 100 employees over the next six months through a platform of mid to senior level positions in all departments, with a focus on product, engineering, design and technology.
“The idea is to provide first-hand experience of the metaverse concept to all walk-ins and other job aspirants. We want to emphasize that Metaverse is a real value proposition for us and not only PR, ”said Shourya Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Flam.
GuardianLink, an NFT startup, was recently on the market to hire a Metaverse architect, and what better way to validate a technician’s work than to “inside” a space he built.
“The Metaverse meeting gave me a better understanding of the candidate, which I can’t get in a regular video call,” said Arjun Reddy, CTO, GuardianLink. “It gives us a better idea of ​​the potential candidate and helps us decide quickly how we can work together to create more interesting and engaging projects for the future,” he added.
NOVAC Technology Solutions, a Chennai-based digital transformation and cloud solutions company, recently became one of the first companies to conduct the “Rewards and Recognition Program in Metaverse”.
Pradeep B, AVP, Novac Technology Solutions, says being rewarded and recognized in a Metaverse universe creates more ownership in teams than a regular email, he said. “We’re trying to look at business opportunities to expand this product for outside events and are about to make some deals,” he added.
Among the major tech companies, Accenture operates its own metaverse-the Nth Floor-where employees participate in a new hiring orientation and immersive learning or meet and interact as a team. . Even if Accenture built it with Microsoft before the pandemic, it quickly began building these capabilities to accommodate new employees and then expanded them to meet the learning and collaboration needs of within the organization. . “The Nth Floor is a wide, immersive virtual world that we have built. This financial year, the company expects 1,50,000 or more new employees to work in the metaverse on their first day,” said spokesperson for Accenture in India.
“Many hiring managers see Metaverse as a future for recruiting, especially those starting a long-distance job. Team interactions, interviews, new job search, meetings and team activities are almost and more efficient than they are today, ”said Neeti Sharma, Senior Vice President of the company’s Teamlease HR.


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