what Macron wants for the school and teachers

NATIONAL EDUCATION REFORM. Emmanuel Macron detailed the main steps of his education program on Thursday, March 17. The Head of State promised “a new agreement” with teachers, better support for students and greater autonomy for in teaching groups.

During the presentation of his program, Thursday, March 17, in Aubervilliers, Emmanuel Macron defended his educational record during his five -year term. The candidate for his own replacement particularly considered that “results are available” for priority education networks (REPs) and promised to step up ways to change and fix a “padlocked” school system. “If I had to sum up our system, our teachers would not feel recognized and they were right. Families face problems with absenteeism (…) and children continue to lack confidence. . ” The Head of State hopes that the efforts made during his mandate will pay off. “The investment will be visible in a few years,” he said. After reviewing his five -year term in education, the LREM presidential candidate revealed several proposals from his program.

This will be Emmanuel Macron’s first step if he is elected in the presidential election on April 10 and 21. “An extensive consultation to discuss the best way to achieve national goals” at the start of the second five year term. This large meeting should allow for “collective work at the local level, with all stakeholders, ground consultation.” Among the actors invited to answer the call, we see teachers, administrative groups of establishments, parents of students, associations, but also elected officials “to change the way of operation . ” A first step aimed at “new organizational forms”, especially at the regional level. “Programs and examinations remain national, but we need to be given more freedom”, he explained.

The main axis of Emmanuel Macron’s policy when there is a re-election is the teachers he has promised “a new deal”. “If we leave things as they are now and take refuge behind an equality of principle that is not true. We have not fulfilled the mission,” he said. This desire of the President of the Republic is explained in particular by the absenteeism of the teachers. The Court of Auditors estimated in December that this incident “stemmed from the very action of National Education”, particularly with the forced continuation of education in violation of teaching hours.

The Head of State wants to create a system based on volunteering “new missions for teachers, new ways to participate in educational projects: student monitoring, support, extracurricular activity … ”Therefore, teachers who are“ willing to commit ”will be added. “I’m willing to say that teachers who don’t want to do these missions then their salary won’t increase,” he said. A double -edged sword that varies “depending on the territory” or the activities supported by the teachers. “I think it’s because they (teachers) don’t all do the same thing (…), we know it”, he added.

Emmanuel Macron’s program promises more freedom to schools. It is necessary “to develop proficiency in the field and give more freedom to teaching groups, sometimes to recruit in profile.” To expand the scope of action of school directors, the presidential candidate wants to “be able to apply the results of all evaluations” to a class or an establishment. One way, he said, is “to disseminate good practices” to other regions. “We need to provide ways for school principals, the teaching team to measure changes and not just visit the academic inspector every X years”, he stated.

The math is repetitive. A real black hole in baccalaureate reform, the subject is no longer compulsory in general high school. The presidential candidate promised to re-integrate it into the common core after noticing a decrease in the number of students choosing mathematics as an option. Other topics are also on the Head of State’s sights, particularly the teaching of physical education and sports in elementary and middle school, which he wants to strengthen, as well as the teaching of artistic education and culture. The “culture pass” can be obtained from college. Finally, the orientation of the students will intervene “from the fifth to better understand the trades.”

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