Walkers suffered two “missing shots” from hunters near Lake Gabas, a dog was injured.

As the summer season approached, this group of friends from the Pau conurbation, united in a shared love for dogs, decided to organize a walk and a picnic .. .

With almost summer weather, this group of friends from the Pau conurbation, united around a shared love for dogs, decided to organize a walk and a “family “picnic, with dogs and children, around Lake Gabas. They parked in the parking lot by the lake, on the Eslourenties-Daban side.

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About 1:45 p.m., they would stroll down the lake, cross the footbridge to the dam. “At the end of the road, we started to hear dogs, but as far away as possible,” Mathilde said. “And then we all heard that first shot. The sound of the shot seemed far away from them.

They confirmed that they did not see a warning sign in a current search (the hunters will make sure they have installed it). Moment of hesitation within the group. “We searched the Internet to see if the search was still open. And then we decided to call the gendarmerie to ask. The operator replied that he was sending a patrol. But they arrived after the tragedy. »

At 3:39 p.m., two shots were fired

The call was made at 3:32 p.m. Seven minutes later, two shots rang out, “very loud”. Then the beast cried. “He got a bullet! June, 10 months, received a bullet (or a piece of ammunition, depending on the version) in the paw. “The kids were running, on their knees, crying,” said Jessica, another walker in the group. Her 9-year-old daughter “doesn’t want to hear about walking anymore”.

“A bullet ended up in my leg, assured Raphaëlle, who was part of the trip. I felt a sudden heat. And I heard June screaming at the same time. The group alleges six complaints have been filed since Saturday in the community of Morlaàs brigades. “All right, the dog was hit, but it could have been worse,” sighed Lorenza, the young dog’s owner.


The president of the ACCA (communal hunting association approved) of the Eslourenties, which organized a battered wild boar, provoked “a hunting incident”. “There was no direct fire but ricochets,” he said. Hunters were stationed around a patch near the lake. Two wild pigs crossed. There were “two failed shots”. The third hunter would have stopped as the game approached a hill.

Hunters assured that the “beaten progress” signs will be installed this Saturday.

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“These are bullet ricochets, the hunting president insisted. Where the man is placed, there is usually no risk. The president of a neighboring ACCA, who is also looking around Lake Gabas, agreed to” try to hunt as much as possible. near the lake “. This ACCA has not conducted a search for a month.” There are no more pigs on our side. »

An outside witness, writing to the newspaper, seemed to confirm the account of the group of walkers. He saw a little earlier “coming near the dam, at the bottom, the hunters running towards their cars, they must have been game, the excitement was obvious. Then came the shooting, howling and shouting.

Complaints were filed

“Many walkers, many with their dogs, were running down the slope, frightened. Among them, we noticed a woman crying and crying. Next to her, a man was holding a puppy that had apparently been hit. of the bullet. The witness then attends “a sterile discussion” between the hunters and walkers. Then, later, in “a scene worthy of a Jacques Tati film”: “a police, accompanied by a group of hunters, were looking for clues, but far from the area where the shots were fired… No witnesses other than hunters were present to show the actual shooting zone. »

Community hearings on Morlaàs brigades continue, with a group of Georgians in police custody that weekend committing a series of thefts at convenience stores. “It’s taken very seriously, but it’s a question of establishing possible responsibilities and avoiding a resumption if spring risks bring people around the lake”, we told the gendarmerie. Where we confirmed the six complaints filed, “both the dog owners and the group walkers”.

A few weeks before the end of the permit for wild boar hunting, this stage comes to re-launch the “Nature sharing” debate. As the election for the 64th hunting federation was launched, the two running teams sought to prioritize the “safety of all”, hunters as well as walkers.

A dog “found in a box”

June, 10 months, a French bulldog mix staffie. It was originally collected by ADAP 64 (Pyrenean animal defense association). “He was part of rescuing five puppies who were abandoned in a box on the side of the road when they were just a few days old”, explains ADAP 64 seeking to “follow the file” through his attorney Me Thierry Sagardoytho.

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