The first scene in the manga can’t be canon, that’s why

confused remain forever in HEART from fans as one of the most great monuments to Japanese comics, and rightly so. The eternal universe forever Kentaro Miura starting in 1989 is so complex and unique that it leaves so much room for the collective imagination … and defects that fans are ready to forget.

confused : impossible first scene?

Few manga have won the respect and admiration of readers around the world as well confused did it. At the center of this unconditional love is the show’s main character, Guts. A character as complex as depth. This is the depth that prevents fans from accepting only the first pages of the manga as their canon., as they swear by the character and character of the Guts. Behavioral psychology is divided into three very different practices, his childhood, his career with the Band of the Falcon and after the Eclipse. Even if we know chronologically when the first scene in the manga (after Eclipse) will take place, in no way does he match Guts ’personality in any of these stages.

In fact, in the first chapters of the manga, Guts came out as a completely unmatched protagonist. The first chapter of confused start with Guts slept with a woman. However, in the turmoil of love, the woman is transformed. Even if he thinks he tricked Guts into his disgusting true form, he repeated the paper without hesitation and fired a cannon ball from his arm, destroying what had appeared so far to the reader as the beginning of a plot.. This opening serves above all to show that the world is full of demons and that Guts is someone who likes to kill them. However, throughout the manga story many elements are shown that prevent this scene from becoming canonical. The foremost is that Guts is a very sensitive person.whose cold is protection against human contact.

Are guts haptophobic?

In fact, as a good manga reader, You know Guts was sold to someone he considered his stepfather and sexually abused in his childhoodexplained in flashback beginning at the end of volume 3 of the manga, during the famous Golden Age. This violent trauma gave birth to him with a deep aversion to human contact.. both cascaone of the strongest female characters in any manga, at first could not touch him, and ended up getting there making the course of their relationship difficult. This cold and isolated personality which introduced him in the first chapters was a reasonable defense mechanism, but is therefore no longer equivalent to the vision of Guts being able to put a demon to sleep, especially after the Eclipse.. If, after this incident, he seeks the Hands of God to avenge Griffith, he is troubled by the rape of Casca, the love of his life, who has lost his mind. Considering this love, it’s hard to imagine that she has a sex life behind Casca … Because of these contradictions, some fans prefer to consider that on this first departure confused for not nanonwhich is not a bad idea.

Dark things happen to confused, but never if they are not connected to other things. However, because this is an introductory scene, it is difficult to connect it, and Kentaro Miura has not yet done so. It is possible to remove it without changing the course of events. This is explained by the fact that confused there are two omissions. A first with volume 1, of course, in which the author is not entirely sure of the direction to take his story, and second beginning of volume 3, when it is finally resolved. So for the most part, Volume 3 is considered the true beginning of Guts ’adventures. In addition, since the author’s death, honors for Kentaro Miura have multiplied around the world, especially in the last game Elden Ring, where there were many references to Berserk.

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