The best times to find love in 2022 according to the stars

In 2022, love will remain and always be with us, whether windy, snowy or limited.

Like the light of night, the planet Venus will mark the highlights of this new year in the heart partstarted a sentimental cleanup that looked like a spring cleanup.

2022, the year of the great love of cleaning

In love, an arrangement of energy from the stars: “By the beginning of 2022, Venus will be retrograde and merge with Pluto in Capricorn”, introduces astrologer and educator Julie Gorse, promising a good purification of love.

A kind of reboot in our emotional life at the start of the new year on the right foot, with a piece of galette de rois in hand.

Because Venus (which is none other than the planet of love) in partnership with Pluto in Capricorn echoes the death knell for breathless relationships or behaviors that we will no longer allow: “We leave what we no longer want, lovingly way ”, the specialist testified.

If good love resolutions have already been made, what is left of the year in store for us?

Mars and Venus meet again for Valentine’s Day 2022

The two emblematic planets meet in a romantic relationship during Valentine’s Day: Mars and Venus.

So, whether or not you celebrate this event, libido and artichoke heart are probably there – the combination of these two stars promises some alligators.

In the same way, Jupiter will move to Pisces from January to May 2022 and make a path from May to November in Aries (with the added bonus of a retrograde from the end of July).

Which gives us a year like cutting into two stages, with very different atmospheres: until May, the energy of love will be strong and calm. Then the encounter of Jupiter-Neptune of Pisces (in exact association with mid-April), comes to shake this apparent peace, for better or worse.

Everything you need to know about love sign/sign compatibility

The big highlights of love in 2022

In those Jupiter-Neptune conjunction a great deal of ambiguity may arise. “We are in the presence of two planets where there are no limits”, added astrologer Annick Pineau, who was interviewed in the previous article on the year 2022 on a globalization.

This long encounter is also filled with love, Venus invites herself to the table. Thus, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune will all meet Pisces in mid-April, with the menu a risk of amorous illusion, but also the possibility of a great forgiveness, of an opening of heart, of a spiritual love – almost telepathic – with another.

In summary: be careful not to fall on the carpet between chimera and true love.

unya, Jupiter will leave the sign of Pisces for Aries in May : “It’s a stage in action”, says Julie Gorse. “Then there’s a order between Mars and Venuswhich comes with a blowing of heat and cold, beginning in summer ”.

This will lead to a beautiful unrequited love, until November!

After this changing sentimental feeling, Venus will meet Pluto again at the end of the year: a conjunction that helps “introspection, to come and pull what is more appropriate for us”, proves astrologer Julie Gorse.

Another love scrub, in short!

Find love horoscope 2022 sign by sign

Observe the movements of Venus in our 5th and 7th houses

For astrologer Julie Gorse, it is important to refer to your birth chart to understand its subtleties (here, love): “The planets permanently revolve around the zodiac, and that is our search for light. in 2022: this is the movement. of the planets of the zodiac and where they roam our own horoscope “.

According to the specialist, it will be interesting to observe the planetary movements – especially Venus and Mars – played out in our Houses 5 (field of experience of amorous behavior) and 7 (field of experience of couple, alliance and union.) .

For example, will Venus come to move one of these Houses in 2022? “The lover (Venus, editor’s note) who enters House 5, activates our sense of love”, he added. “Just like if it goes through the location of Venus on the natal chart …”.

Individually, we can refers to the motions of Venus : in 2022: when will it enter our sun sign? “The moment Venus passes our sun sign is a time for love,” Julie Gorse said.

The seasons favorable to love in 2022, according to Venus

Venus crosses Capricorn, and thus comes to activate this sign (which is not a good emotional base, but has, say, a heart of gold).

Venus enters Aquarius. The deep and conflicting personality of Aquarius will be soaked in love this month of 2022.

  • From April 6, 2022

Venus passed through Pisces. This season will be more marked than usual by the sensitivity, altruism and love of Pisces.

It is Aries that Venus comes to activate. Intensity and love are key.

Venus knocked on Taurus’s door. And reinforces the sensual side of this sign that is already very much in love.

  • From June 24, 2022

Gemini is crossed by Venus. Promising a time of seduction and amorous logorrhea.

  • From July 19, 2022

Venus visits Cancer, and sensitivity and self -sacrifice are clearly in the program.

  • From Aug. 12, 2022

Venus moves to Leo to show more love and warmth. Grrr.

  • From September 6, 2022

The sign of Virgo is crossed by Venus. Enough to give Virgo’s emotions a chance to come out of their shell!

  • From September 30, 2022

Venus entered Libra, completely easily this sign of hers. Venus plays at home between the words of love, calm, and attractiveness.

  • From October 24, 2022

The planet of love passes through Scorpio. Promising a period of intense feelings, for a change.

  • From November 17, 2022

Venus sets out to meet Sagittarius and colors it with a hopeful and generous sign of these gentle vibrations of love.

  • From December 11, 2022

Venus is back in Capricorn!

planets of love in 2022

As you can see, in this love theater, the main characters this year 2022 are Venus, Mars, but also Neptune! So, to go further, we offer you small summaries of their astral missions:

In mythology, Venus is the goddess of love and Beauty: in astrology, quite the same!

“In addition to managing the sector of romantic relationships, it manages everything related to your feelings, your love, some of your desires”, astrologer Shana Lyès explains in her book AstroLove (ed. Harlequin). So, whether Venus crosses our sun sign or our Houses dedicated to love, our hearts are (a priori) in good loving dispositions!

Mars, the planet of fire involved in war, along with war, also represents libido, the carnal dimension, the ability to move. In short, as Johnny says, Mars is “want to want”.

Less well known than Mars and Venus, Neptune nevertheless plays a role in the field of love. “It’s the high octave of Venus, it’s unconditional love”, Julie Gorse explains. A planet that is likely to exaggerate “the boundary between body and mind, spiritual and material, reality and dream”, adds astrologer Mathilde Fachan in her book AstroMap (Solar ed.). Pure love, with gentle attention.

*Julie Gorse, astrologer and teacher of astrology. Author of the books “Decipher your birth chart & Astrology of the soul” published by Le lotus et l’éléphant.

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