Schubert in Love, Mortagne-au-Perche’s love song

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Snat61 offers Monday 31 January, at 8 p.m., at Carré du PercheSchubert in Love, with Rosemary Standley (from the Moriarty group) and the Ensemble Contraste. A highly requested performance, performed about forty times during the season, is now in Mortagne. A breath of love and a different light from the Viennese composer.

Interview with Arnaud ThoretteViola and Artistic Director of Ensemble Contraste.

News: Demystifying Schubert and especially Lied, is it because you love writing songs?

Arnaud Thorette: “This project has genesis; For twenty years, Ensemble Contraste has worked to redefine the boundaries between popular music and art music, written music and improvised music, the lines between musical genres. With a lot of work, we tried to allow that in the same concert an audience could hear a piece by Mozart and a jazz saxophonist. We create music, boundaries and barriers that don’t interest us very much.
We have known Rosemary Standley for a long time, as she is always invited to our records. We wanted to create a truly shared project. During a meeting with Didier Martin, boss of the Alfa record company, who also wanted to bring us together, in thirty seconds Schubert’s idea was shared, recorded, and the title chosen, Schubert in Love.

The whole question is whether Schubert’s Lied, sung with only one voice and piano, can be a little strict. By truly respecting the music and the soul of this composer, we wanted to take Schubert elsewhere. The project took three years to build, we had to decide on the scenery, that was the instruments that would go with us, and the choice of Lied that Rosemary knew; then create a scenography.

Johan Farjot and I compose songs, he makes the arrangements here. Our approach is very close to Rosemary, which is from folk. We met thanks to an “oral tradition” approach, which we combined with a classical musician, with a written tradition. »

For music lovers, does the combination of Ensemble Contraste and Rosemay Standley’s voice bring?

SA: “On the one hand he sang Schubert the text, no note being altered, only the tones were adapted to his voice. In the performance there were simple instrumental pieces, played as Schubert had written. Then, Rosemary has a particular timbre, which is from folk music, she makes us realize that Schubert wrote songs, called lieder or melodies.Rosemary returns to this slightly more popular and traditional aspect, in the most sublime sense. , to the source of this inspiration, a verse, a chorus, harmonies that are easy to remember.Schubert is a master in this field.We want to bring something else; this natural voice of Rosemary but also the sound design, with a choice of a guitar and, sometimes, some flamenco notes, a double bass, percussions that are not jazz percussions because the percussionist uses skins and not jazz drums. Ingo n that it is a music of the ancestral tradition. In some parts of the show, we had the impression that we could be in the depths of Scotland, without betraying Schubert, who should be happy with what we were doing with his music. Johan and I played Schubert all year round for thirty years, a composer we knew. »

And for those who are afraid of Schubert?

SA: “We’re going to talk about love, a lot, we’re going to go through all the aspects of feeling love, excitement, intimacy, awkwardness, unhappiness, being beautiful. The audience will hear some big hits, which you know those who do not know, especially seeing musicians able to do many things, including changing instruments, at the end of the show. »

Schubert in Love, Carré du Perche, Monday January 31, 8 pm Price, yellow category, ticket office 02 33 854 960. Mortagne-au-Perche Tourist Office, National Stage.

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